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    Sometimes I meet sound loops in multi-play mode.
    At that time, the sound of guns becomes a big noise and wil last for many minutes.
    I really hate this...

    I bought Vegas 2 yesterday...

    But today I have met many problems...and I have met many disconnections already...sometimes I cannot even log in my account...

    And I need a fix to solve the sound loops first...

    Thank you ...

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    The gun loop has been present since Vegas 1 and there is no fix for it.

    If you read through these forums you will find the many problems you are encountering listed many times.

    Ubisoft abandoned this series long ago, so what you see is what you get.

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    Even to this day, they refuse to take responsibility. I placed a trouble ticket on Jan. 6th, 2011, and thier answer was "it is a known issue under investigation by our technicians".. THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT FOR NEARLY 3 YEARS for heaven's sake! Don't give us the brush off, that it's being looked at!

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    Well, sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what causes these really difficult technical issues, like a sound loop!!

    The sad truth is .. Ubisoft just plain doesn't care, and this is a pattern with all of their games!!

    Read some of their other forums.

    Pump out new games as fast as possible.
    Release a couple of patches as broken as the original game, offer no support .. then get our as quickly as possible and leave the forum for the forum managers and others to deal with!

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