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    Oct 2008
    I heard there is hang gliders on both maps in far cry 2. I am on the second part. Does anyone know the location of a hang glider?

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    The only one I've found is in the Northern District, near the safe house just north west of the Cattle Xing on the other side of the hill. Haven't found any others yet though.

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    Theres one

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    There's also one just above the cattle xing and to the left on that mountain. It's right beside a safe house, but u need to updrage your safehouse to get vehicles first.

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    I got to fly the hang glider for like 10 seconds because someone shot at me right after I took off. The glider goes spinning out of control and crashes.

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    I'm dying to know how you can fly one of those. There's a multi map that has two on it and I jump off the edge and just crash. lol

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    There's a big rock, north of North Railyard and west of the railroad track that has a diamond case.

    Use the glider found west of Cattle Xing and south of Petro Sahel, fly around the big mountain then across the tracks.

    I've also found that you can jump off the glider, you don't have to land it. Just use the glider again while flying, use the interact key (e) and you will let go of the glider and fall to the ground. You should do this when near the diamond case.

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    Here is another hang glider location...


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    there is also one RIGHT under petro sahel either the left one or the middle one, rockey hill, the glider points south so you can fly over the valley, great for a mission up there with the sniper

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    Any one know where is a hangglider is in NorthEast of Map or is there even one there like say around the Fort area

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