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    Uplay Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I access Uplay?

    You can view your Uplay profile via the website or any Uplay enabled game.
    To access Uplay from an enabled game; while in the main menu press Y/Triangle on your console (see manual for PC key), this will load you into the Uplay server where you can link your game account, access your profile, redeem rewards and more.

    Q. How do I link my account?

    You will need an account on (i.e. your forum account) which you then link to your game account as follows....
    1. Load Assassin's Creed 2 to the main menu
    2. Press "Y/Triangle" to access Uplay
    3. From the very first Uplay menu, Choose "Account"
    4. Next choose "email & password"
    5. Update the email & password fields with your account details to link your accounts.

    Can I change my linked account?

    At this time it isn’t possible to alter the linked account however if you’re having any issues with your account link please contact tech support via their direct weblink

    Q. Uplay already knew my account details, how did it do this?

    Ubisoft have previously offered its site users access to exclusive game content by linking their forum account to their game e.g. GRAW map exclusive. If you’ve previously taken advantage of one of these offers the server will remember you.
    If Uplay is linking an account you no longer use or wish to change please see above.

    Q. I didn’t hear about Uplay until now and I’ve already started playing the game, will this affect my points?

    The game keeps track of your trophies/ achievements so once you link your accounts any previously earned points will show up in your profile ready for you to redeem. However you may need to load the game in question and access the Uplay server for any outstanding points to update.

    Q. Do I have to be connected to Uplay every time I play to earn points?

    No, your game save will record all points earned during gameplay and these will update on your profile whenever you connect online.

    I read that I can link AC: Brotherhood & Project Legacy with Uplay to earn more points and unlocks, how can I do this?

    Check this link for details.

    Don’t forget to check out the Uplay website

    You can also find more FAQ’s including How to Redeem points for Rewards at Uplay
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