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    Mod edit > Discussion has moved to : <span class="ev_code_PURPLE"> Sorceresss</span>

    1. will heroes vi be online [only] playing with other players, or will it be like previous heroes ?

    2. will we need to have the internet to play ?

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    Answer #1 > It will generally be like the previous editions of Heroes :

    You will be able to play alone (singleplayer offline) or with other human players (multiplayer : hotseat or online).

    Answer #2 > NO. An Internet connection will not be required :

    As previously mentioned, you shall be able to play offline (singleplayer or hotseat mode).

    Here is an official statement by Ubisoft representative Irina Kassina (Ubi_Irina) :

    Might & Magic Heroes VI is <span class="ev_code_GREEN"> fully playable offline</span>.

    If you choose to play while connected with your Ubisoft account, you can gain access to extra game features. These bonuses are all part of what we call the Conflux and are only available when playing online.

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    I noticed a reiteration of the offline play and the online conflux on the DRM thread.

    I was wondering if there was any update on the product activation : will it require internet access ?

    Note. I don't have a problem with an internet-required activation, but it will delay by about 2 months (8 weeks) my ability to purchase the game.

    Thanks in advance!

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    To activate and download the beta I had to sign up for a ubisoft account, Will this also be part of the DRM for retail? I'm sick and tired of having to keep track of all my acounts and passwords in order to play a game I own.

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    The two previous replies, which I have moved from an older (now closed) thread, ask a 3rd question :

    3. will it be required to be connected to the Internet to "activate" the game during (or after) its installation ?

    What Ubi_Irina officially declared (see the quote above) is that it will be possible to play the game "offline" (without Internet).

    What she did not state is if the game will have to be "activated" once by Internet --- which is a form of DRM assuring Ubisoft that a specific serial number (associated to one game purchase) has been activated by only one user (the person who paid for the game).

    I do not know the answer to that.

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    Thank you Sorceress.

    I won't bring it up again, since we will all find out in about four weeks.

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    This version of HM&M is going to be Super! Specially if they are going to add all the other factions later on (which looks like they are).

    My question is this:

    Will I be able to use all the cool character development things that the conflux offers offline after an initial log in? If not will I be able to use my dynasty created heroes offline at least?

    I love that Ubisoft has found a creative way to keep the online activity free of charge (no monthly fees or having to pay real money for every new thing one uses) Thank you for that! It makes me feel more comfortable about using the conflux and not feel that it will become a trap ("if you want that you have to pay if you want that armor you have to pay, if you want that name you have to pay...") I much rather pay for well designed expansions as it traditionally has been done and have the freedom to play online or offline as I see fit. Three thumbs up to all involved for allowing us to still play offline. I hope that we will not be having a diminished game experience offline as time goes on for not being logged on to the conflux 27/7. I do not mind logging in and updating and doing some multilayer gaming but I also want to have the same awesome game play offline. So I really hope that I will be able to export all that I achieve/get through the conflux to my offline folder so I can use them offline

    Keep up the super work I got my name on one copy as soon as it makes it to my local gaming store.

    P.S. Thank you for allowing us to develop our heroes in much more detail LOVE THAT!

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    Online Multiplayer will be available in the new Beta phase which starts on <span class="ev_code_GREEN">16 August</span> :

    Originally posted by Ubi_Irina [on 12 August] :

    * <span class="ev_code_GREEN">Online Multiplayer mode enabled</span> (limited to 2 human players for now with a 150 minutes time-limit per player)

    * All players start a MP game with 150 minutes of game-time. It decreases during their turns. If they press the end turn button, the next player's time will decrease (basically it is the same system in Chess). If the game is not decided before the time expires for one player, then this player will be the loser.
    Reference :

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    Will the game support LAN?

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    how to switch HOMAM:VI to offline?
    my ubisoftgamelauncher doesnt work.....!!

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