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    Please post here with feedback/bug reports on the PS3 version of Far Cry 2.

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    its not keeping the points i earned for ranked matches.

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    Stats not tracking.

    Bug where when you are a passenger in a vehicle and press the heal button you slide through and out of the vehicle.

    Disconnects after just one round every game.

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    -After each (ranked, haven't tried unrancked) multiplayer game i get thrown out of the lobby and back into the multiplayer menu. When i host a ranked game after each game everybody else gets thrown out of my lobby.

    -SP had microlags of frameratedrops in tutorialmission cutscenes (only did tutorial so far).

    -Made a map but during the upload of it my PS3 froze.

    -impossible to run and turn (if you are going for realism IRL i can do that)

    For the rest great graphics and i look forward to playing more of it.

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    Game freezing every 5 to 10 seconds, even on the first few loading screens. Both singleplayer and multiplayer affected. Tried all resolutions inc. 576, 720 and 1080i.

    Game is frustratingly unplayable at the moment.

    This is on the PS3. Can anyone help please?

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    Ok. After reading other posts, I have tried unplugging my internet connection from the ps3. Things are now much better. No pausing like before. Multiplyer is obvioulsy not working now, but I'm half way there.

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    After every online ranked match (possibly even player match) we get disconnected from the host (instead of starting next map), back to the online menu. We are also unable to invite friends to ranked games... If these were intended that needs to be changed.

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    Console-specific bugs/issues:

    <span class="ev_code_yellow">1:</span>

    <span class="ev_code_yellow">Deadzone area in the analog joysticks (and also triggers) setting is too high.</span> Call of Duty 4 was an example of a console FPS with a PERFECT amount of deadzone, as it was very little amount of deadzone, and responded very precisely to the slightest nuances and movements of your thumbs. This allowed for precise and accurate aiming, which is what accounts for why everyone calls COD4 one of the "smoothest-playing shooters/FPS in the industry." The reason: very little joystick-deadzone area/setting, which allows for the most precise and smooth/responsive aiming possible.

    COD4 definitely does this right, and Ubisoft needs to (very easily) emulate this in all of their games. It's an easy, easy fix, that would be EXTREMELY easy to implement.

    <span class="ev_code_yellow">2:</span>

    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">FOV of the Widescreen mode needs to be expanded in the console versions.</span> PC version will be receiving an official fix for this, and hopefully the consoles will too. Right now, the FOV feels too constricted/narrow, and the player can't see much in their peripheral vision. Call of Duty 4 had the PERFECT FOV setting, and Far Cry 2 should use the same setting as COD4 (once again).

    <span class="ev_code_yellow">3:</span>

    Ubisoft needs to fix the <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">PS3 version's random, occasional sound cutting out when firing a weapon.</span> It's really annoying, and ruins the immersion/experience.


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    My game is freezing constantly. Sometimes only for 1/2 secs but others for 20/330 secs. This is in the story mode on ps3!!

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    I can't upload maps either. The progress bar does not move at all, then after wating a half hour or so I'll press Circle to cancle and it freezes. This happened to be three times last night at about 3 am EST. I thought maybe the servers were being flooded. I woke this morning at 10:30 EST and the same thing. Still can't upload my map. Help!

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