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    Quote Originally Posted by toymachinesh View Post

    not my video but I came across it...

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    To throw out something a little different, I'd love to see a Barenaked Ladies song pack.

    Barenaked Ladies

    1.) Brian Wilson
    2.) Old Apartment
    3.) Pinch Me
    4.) Too Little Too Late
    5.) It's All Been Done
    6.) Wind Me Up

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    Rocksmith Track Wishlist.

    First off, let me say how awesome this game is. I have been playing guitar for 4 years before I bought this game and I've always had the worst problem learning my scales. With the help of the scale runner game, I can easily play any skill I would like to and it makes it fun to learn for anyone who is looking into playing a guitar. I also like how the actual song set up is, easy to learn every song but it also advances you as you progress in a song. Here is some bands I would like to learn more from:

    Coheed & Cambria
    Blake Shelton
    Credence Clear Water Revival
    Toby Keith
    Tim McGraw
    Lost Trailers
    Zac Brown Band
    Bob Seger
    The Killers
    Papa Roach
    Bullet for My Valentime
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Fall Out Boy

    Any Classic Rock and Country Bands

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    Its not so much copying the songs as guitar hero has as it is copyright fees and regulations. For example, Rocksmith has to pay each artist for these songs and when you are looking for some well known bands, they are going to want more money for their songs. Guitar hero wasn't even able to get Metallica nor AC/DC until way much further down their line because it was costly and over time and their sales they were able to purchase songs from them.
    Currently I enjoy their selection of songs that they have now. If you want some hear/passion, then look at their Black Keys selection, just two artists make up their entire band and they know how to bring some old school blues and new age rock and bring them back to the perfect measure.

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    Rammstein, Korn, Disturbed and Marilyn Manson!

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    I would be happy with any of these bands since im into pop punk and pop.

    All Time Low

    The Academy is...

    Friday Night Boys

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    WHERE THE FUDGE IS JIMI HENDRIX!?!? The fact that there is nothing from him on here has got to be some kind of sin.

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    Dream Theater - Build Me Up Break Me Down
    - I Walk Beside You
    - The Root of All Evil

    Yes - Changes
    - Roundabout

    Rush - YYZ
    - Tom Sawyer
    - Nobody is Hero

    Pink Floyd - Money
    - Time
    - Another Brick in The Wall part II

    Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
    - Sultans of Swing

    U2 - Vertigo
    - Beautiful Day

    Aerosmith - Dream On
    - Walk This Way

    The Doors - Riders on The Storm
    - Touch Me
    - Break on Through To The Other Side

    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    - The Dance of The Death
    - Aces High

    The Beatles - I Want Hold Your Hand

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    Original kiss - 1973 thru 1982 Creatures of the night
    RUSH - all
    Pink Floyd
    Joe Satriani
    Robert Cray
    Journey Depatrture, Infinity, Escape, Evolution
    Gov't Mule

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