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    Grunge please

    Alice in Chains. And Stone Temple Pilots
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    Exodus - good day to die
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    we need songs classical
    journey-van halen-europe-jimy hendrix-metallica iron maiden-queen-black sabbat-rainbow- chip treak-malmsteen.-def leppard-kiss-guns and roses-gary moore-pink floyd-wolfmother-jet-brian adams-stheppenfold born to be wilde. .
    Who knows other groups for serious because I do not remember because there are so many
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    Originally Posted by maui1985 Go to original post
    we need songs classical
    black sabbat- chip treak-stheppenfold born to be wilde. .
    I'm not picking on you, but this tickles me.
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    wouldn't mind seeing some - ACDC
    Andy Timmons (Electric Gypsy)
    Borealis ( maybe :Take you over or Breaking the Curse )
    Entwine (Bitter Sweet , Break Me, Strife)
    Eric Johnson
    Guns and Roses
    John Petrucci (Wishful Thinking, Glasgow Kiss)
    Joe Satriani (any)
    Metallica (any)
    Ozzy Ozbourne
    Stone Sour
    Stone Temple Pilot
    Van Halen

    I could go on but thats what popped in my head as of right now.
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    well i like to see some hevy rock like aerosmith,guns and roses,metallica,ac dc, well you get the idea any song from them is sweet
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    Goo goo dolls, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe some finger eleven too.
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    Probably a re-post but...


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    Grunge dlc!!!

    Originally Posted by Wagnery2j Go to original post
    Alice in Chains. And Stone Temple Pilots
    I would be in favor of a grunge dlc pack! I love the Nirvana and Pearl Jam songs so far. Would love me some Alice In Chains and some more Pearl Jam and/or Nirvana.
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    Rocksmith 2 wishlist

    Well, everyone on earth has put down their favorite bands here so far. Much of my enjoyment with Rocksmith has come from little known bands that will never be requested here. I think they are a vital part of the game though. Bands like Titus Andronicus and Little Barrie. Who the heck ever heard of them? Well here's a suggestion along those lines.

    No Money No Honey by Dead Cats Dead Rats
    Romantical by Scott Motyka

    These aren't DLC songs because no one has heard of them, they would make great songs for RS 2 though.
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