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    Alright, I've been trying to collect all 20 flags in Masyaf. I have 19/20, or so the game tells me . . . but I can't find the last one. I decided to get help from this page I checked all 20 locations 3 times now, and there are no flags left. I remember collecting each flag at the given sites. So I believe I have collected all 20 but the game is showing only 19. I wanted to know if anyone else was having the same problem.

    And I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, I didn't know whether to put it here or the bugs/glitches thread. Flame if you want, but make it funny . . . because I'm kind of pissed. But any help or advice would be awesome.


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    I'm having exactly the same problem, on the 360 version of the game. I've used the maps at and seem to have all 20 flags, but only 19 are registering.

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    Mercurian . . . have you heard anything else about this, because I'm really far along now and don't want to restart. I have the 360 too, and wandering if it has been addressed anywhere else. It's kind of weird we're having the same exact problem, makes me think this is a wider issue.


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    took me a long time to finally find the last flag, even with a guide....but all of them are there...there is one flag in the kingdom though, not entirely sure which one, that definitely seems to be missing for some people...

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    aw really . . . I'm gonna do that right now. I'll let Mercurian and you know how I make out. Nice name by the way blarson11.


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    I've not had the game long, so I haven't really checked anywhere other than these forums to see if anyone else is experiencing the issue.

    I've definitely picked up all the flags from the locations listed on the site listed above. What makes me wonder though... is that I may have picked up two flags in very quick succession - possibly before it finished saving the data from the previous flag. I'm not 100% sure this is what happened - which is why I didn't post it before - but it strikes me as a possible cause for the issue.

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    Hey, check this out. I found it on another thread here,
    But listen to what this guy Ozymandias1988 said
    ive found all 20 masyaf flags. my cousin went throuh, got 18, and i found the next two quickly. One tricky one: go to the original leap of faith place (from when de Sable attacks in the opening cinematics) and go across to the first rock, take a left instead of a right, and drop down, and one is there
    Not positive on it yet, but I'll check it out tonight when I'm off.

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    I finally found the 20th flag, It was in the place that Ozymandias1988 had said. But here is a link to a YouTube video I found that was really helpful too. At the 1:48 mark is the one that I couldn't find
    Hope it helps, and good luck finding the last one . . . if it isn't a glitch for you. Thanks for all the help.


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    Ok, I'm an idiot. I missed the one at 1:55 ¬_¬

    Thanks for the link

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