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    I have found, and I am sure most will agree with me, that prior to installing any game or software you should clean out the drive,,,,Cookies...cache...history...temp a program like ad-aware and/or spybot search and destroy to look for those pesky addware files and registry entries....scan computer for virus's, run a good reg cleaner a disk scan and choose fix errors.....defrag the hard drive.....disable all software running in the background including anti virus and firewall software...(you should always disable antivirus software when installing new drivers not doing this could lead to driver problems)make sure your drivers are up to date...dont install the direct X that comes with the game if you have that version or higher already installed, to do this just run the Direct X Diagnostic tools and it will show you the version you have installed, and from here yopu can also run some checks on your video card and sound card..although these tests arent the best....after doing all that above...and also besure your windows is up to date at windows try and install the doing the above first you have already taken care of the first part of trouble shooting if for some reason you do have problems with the game...hopefully by doing this you wont have any problems....oh ..and one more thing...before you instal the game check to see if there are any patches available..if so down load them and as soon as you install the game ..go ahead and install the patches, install them before you even try to ply the game........these are some of the issues I have ran across with people having problems with installing and playing games while testing for a few game developers...also if you do try and uninstall the game to reinstall it..its best to go to the game folder and delete what files are left over from the uninstall if there are any files left........I sure hope this may help some of ya

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    also some of you may not know this bu Windows XP has a hidden temp folder that stores a bunch of junk files from prior installed software...I usualy check this folder once a week and delete all its get to this hidden temp folder just click start and then the run box type in <span class="ev_code_RED">%temp%</span> and it will open the hidden temp folder....if you never knew about this folder then I would bet you will have tons of temp files you can delete, the temp file located in C:/Windows Directory dont collect alot of files in XP like it did in ME...98... because those Operating Systems didnt have a hidden temp folder..

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    Hey thats good to know right now i got like 638 mbs in that folder that are going down.. thnx for the advice.

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    no problem.....I dont mind helping anyone out....I so far aint had any problems with BIA..except getting killed a few

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    yeah i like to clear up my pc before installing. i did a virus check a day before i got the game too.

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    Ok, trying most of what youve said although ive done most of it, i hope it may fix my null error bs

    No luck

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    I got that NoAdware thing and I have a a question about it....when it asked me if I would like to deleat all the files that it finds, do I want to make back ups of the files as well?

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    Have a go at clearing junk using this excellent software,it's pretty good,also sorts out registry problems instead of doing it manually

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    never hurts to back up files ..just in case you have problems you can put them back..I am not sure of that adware program you are talking about but here are the links to the 2 I mentioned they are great and before you run the the update featire in both of them to get latest update of program files and roug files

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