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    I was wondering if the if the tracking of the
    torpedo run was simular to SH3?
    I don't see the torp running to target in the map.
    Is it gone in SH4?? Just wondering.
    Just starting my career. Don't forget to
    download the songs, etc. for the gramaphone!
    See it is already starting. I want to say thanks
    to all who will be adding their touches to the game. This is why I dig this game. All neat add ons. By the was can someone make the fans in the control room turn?

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    It's only shown on the weapons officer map, not the nav map

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    In your baffles; .....and opening my outer doors.
    I'm glad to hear that it's still there.

    I like to use that display in SH3 to see if my "homer" is actually tracking.


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    How do I get to the Weapons officer map?

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    Do you mean the Attack Map?

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    Like other posts I've seen , my attack map no longer shows torps???

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    If that is the weapons officer's map, yes
    the attack map. If not, the weapons officer
    map. I don't see it on the fold out keyboard
    commands thing.

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    Yes, the strategic attack map = weapons officer map.

    Sorry bout that!

    Torps do show up on this map, even with patch 1.1. You have to zoom in a bit to see them.

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    Or attack map, second option in the nav map menu.

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