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    Hey there Ubisoft!

    Although I'm not a hardcore gamer, I've been a fan of the Might & Magic scene for a while now. Especially the Heroes series. I remember playing homm 2&3 day and night during holidays etc.
    Compared to these games, homm 4 was a bad game (imo, although I think a lot of people share that opinion). It lacked the atmosphere etc. When 3DO/New World Computing disappeared, I was sad to see the homm series vanishing with it.

    Enter Ubisoft & all hope was renewed!
    I really liked homm V (like many i somehow still consider homm3 as the best in line. Don't ask me why )
    I also really appreciated that you guys introduced the series on the handheld consoles with Clash of Heroes.(I played the DS version)

    I truly enjoyed that game with the clever battle mechanics. (And so I finally come to my question !! )
    But I was wondering if there is any chance we'll be seeing a homm-game (meaning with the real homm gaming mechanics: free movements, upgrading towns, conquering mines & artifacts,...) on the 3DS/NGP? I believe this generation of portable consoles are powerful enough to run a game like that.

    I know some of these mechanics were already introduced with Clash of Heroes (unit buildings, artifacts, etc), but I think you know what I mean. (maybe a less linear gameplay feeling would be the right way to put it)

    I also know it's way too early in the lifespan of the 3DS or NGP (which isn't released yet) to come out with real statements, but I was simply curious if this idea was already brought up/considered within the might & magic headquarters.

    I fully understand if no such plans are in the pipeline, but I think there's certainly a market for something like that.

    I hope this message reaches someone of the MM-team as I'm curious for the answer.

    *Sorry for this long time-consuming post to read*

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    h2 is available for android devices and there is clash of heroes for ds, wich is quite fun. also h1 is available on Game boy color

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    HOMM 3 plays on my DUO perfectly! I bet it would work on Windows mobile, and emulator based High end droids too! (HOMM3 works like it was made for touch screen once you get the game started too!!)

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    Dear Ubisoft.

    Please consider porting heroes of might and magic III or VI to the playstation Vita.
    Thank you

    Yours sincerely,
    Jarno Timmermans

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    Lightbulb First forum post ever.

    I read them for answers all the time, never have I bothered to post. But... I
    think a clash of heroes ported to android would be awesome. I have bought it for
    2 different systems and twice for the computer (in house games and 4 player ).
    I would be complety ecstatic to buy it for my android phone which is already twice
    as powerful as a DS. The game is kind of addictively awesome. At least multiplayer.
    Please o' please!!!

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    Ubi should port HoMM 1-3 to the Android and iOS platforms. Playing HoMM II on an iPad would be really neat.

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    I did buy the Clash of Heroes from the PSN sale; compared to Steam it was rather expensive. Even though, still hope there would be Heroes 6 Complete Edition for PS3! I could actually buy it as I haven't got the PC version (one of the reason being not a big fan of Ubiplay DRM. The second I probably wouldn't have time to play it too much, but would get PS3 version surely).

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    You really should try Palm Kingdoms series...

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