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    hey guys, pls see the image linked, and I have no idea what it means? I bought a cd from a shop and there's no key provided..


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    What is the Ubisoft edition that you bought? e.g. USA English, Canada French, Spain Spanish, ...?
    Was it in a shrink-wrapped Ubisoft box?

    When I installed my USA English version, there was no password prompt.
    The following is the sequence that I encountered.

    Installation Disk (CD 1)
    <Install Prince of Persia>
    <Install Support Software>
    <View Readme> G:\Support\Documentation\Eng\Readme.txt
    <Register online>

    <Install Prince of Persia>
    Setup Language: English <Next>

    Prince of Persia T2T - InstallShield Wizard
    Preparing Setup ...


    (*) I accept ...

    Setup Type:
    [ Full ]
    Minimum (movies kept on the media)

    Choose Destination Location
    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Prince of Persia T2T

    Prince of Persia T2T - InstallShield Wizard
    For best gaming experience recommend an analog controller.

    game engine ... game video ... game sound ... game data files ...

    Setup Needs The Next Disk
    Please insert disk 2 that contains the file
    Path: Q:

    "Question" Would you like to create a Desktop icon for the game?

    Product Registration Prince of Persia T2T
    There are several benefits to registering the product. Please register it soon!
    ( ) Register Now
    (*) Remind in [21] day(s)
    ( ) Never register

    Prince of Persia T2T - InstallShield Wizard
    InstallShield Wizard Complete
    [ ] View the Readme.txt file
    [ ] Launch Prince of Persia T2T

    Then, when I play the game, it prompts me for:
    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Protection System. Enter a Disc Key for the disc labelled POPT2T_PLAY:</span>

    So where in the installation sequence are you getting that rogue question?

    If you did not purchase shrink-wrapped Ubisoft software, then let the buyer beware.

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    the sequence?

    double clicked setup.exe
    clicked next
    (this is where it shows)

    for the versions i'm not sure, but it's actually from my friend.. he himself also dono how to install.. it's dvd, no box, i guess he get it pirated? lol

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    Hopefully we helped you to understand how the installation should work.

    I doubt that this forum can assist you any further as we are not allowed to attempt to assist people with copied software.

    If it were original Ubisoft software in its box and it was defective (computer could not read the media), then Ubisoft would probably help with a "return to manufacturer" situation.

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    hey. i can't find key and i have taken a picture of eror but cant put it here.

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    mine is like kakalukiaJay too

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    For the game: The Two Thrones, the code is inside the Ubisoft box.
    For my PC version, the code is on a label above the CDroms.

    If you are missing such a key, maybe the following will help you:
    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">
    Answer ID 10810
    Missing Install Key.
    I am trying to install Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, and it is asking me for an install key. I do not see an install key in the box. How can I install this game?

    The Install Key for Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is:

    Please note, this key code is only used for the installation of the game.</span>

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    protection ket

    whenever i start my game / it comes protection system please enter a disc key for the disc labelled pop t2t_play.

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    Are you playing on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 beta ... or on what platform are you playing?
    POP T2T came with a stupid "hidden at the time" root kit known as StarForce to protect their software from being pirated.
    POP T2t was only written for Windows 2000/Windows XP and tested only for a single cpu computer processor.
    You need to check various postings in the Community Technical Forum how to
    - download and install some sort of work-around for StarForce to work on Windows Vista/7/8 etc.
    - how to run the game "as an administrator" targeting one of the cpus on your probable multi-cpu computer.

    I still run my Windows XP 800 MHz computer that I built in the year 2000 for POP Sands of Time,
    so I have yet to encounter such problems.

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