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The official Splinter Cell Conviction blog continues. This time out we’ve got a character bio for Thomas Reed, the man pulling the strings at Third Echelon. Following that is another commentary from Richard Dansky, Scritpwriter for SCC.

Full Name: Thomas Jeffrey Reed
Head of Third Echelon
Age: 39
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 185
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown

The new head of Third Echelon, Tom Reed has some very definite ideas about what his agency – and make no mistake, it’s his agency – should be doing. Equally at home in the field or testifying in front of Congress, Reed is an operator in every sense of the word. Fast, cunning, and deadly, he’s exactly what Third Echelon needs to lead it in a brave new world of terrorism and information warfare. There’s no place for an old-school Splinter Cell like Sam Fisher in Tom Reed’s future – and maybe not in his present.

[Richard Dansky, Scriptwriter]

Tom Reed was sort of the anti-Sam. He’s smooth, he’s a big picture thinker, he knows how to leverage technology and the media to get what he wants. He’s also ambitious. He’s looking to the future and seeing Third Echelon’s place in it.

Part of that is that he doesn’t have a plan. He has an agenda, and he has responsibilities, and he’s got resources – including himself – that he’s willing to use to in service to that agenda. He’s got things he believes in very strongly, and one of those things is that Third Echelon needs to keep adapting and evolving. The agency that he’s in charge of doesn’t have a place for Sam Fisher – it left him as much as he left it – and in some sense the conflict between these two characters is as much about this as it is anything else.