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    All right, I actually don't know for sure if 'zounds' is in this game, but does anyone have even an estimate on what all of these little names mean? As a side note the first time I saw 'zounds' I nearly fell off my chair... yea; so if anyone knows tell me.

    *Note: I do know that scouting tells you the numbers but that helps me not.

    P.S. The enemy AI SO cheats.

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    Heh. Also found on the thread in

    Few: 1-4
    Several: 5-9
    Pack: 10-19
    Lots: 20-49
    Horde: 50-99
    Throng: 100-249
    Swarm: 250-499
    Zounds: 500-999
    Legion: 1000 +

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