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    Playing career on hard (manual targetting, finite reserves etc).

    Kongo Battleship - Sunk
    Medium Split freigher - Sunk
    Large European Freighter - Sunk

    And then a dud pops out, slams into my stern and gives me heavy flooding!!!

    Time to retreat to the base and repair up, thought i was on track for my first 100k - such is life and war
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    Don't despair, you'll have many more chances.
    And fortunately, unlike real war, you can always say "I'll try that again" after being destroyed. :P
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    Quick mission - Midway.. Kongo Battleship - sinked it with cannon First it got hit by torpedo near stern, then I was running deep from destroyers.. But when I got about 8 km away, task force was gone and lonely kongo, half-sunk and motionless was still there.. Imagine, what happened next))) It was good revenge for last torpedo, that was going right to engine room of one of the cruisers, but it was dud and doomed from the beginning to hit the hull and sink to bottom(
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