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Thread: Finished AC2.. Weapon 22? (possible spoiler alert) | Forums

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    So, i got the game before the weekend and i played it non stop and finished it.
    I didnt rush trough it, i got all seals, all codex pages, The Villa on 95% and basicly almost everything except the feathers and.. a weapon..
    My statistics just say Weapons: 21/22 and no merchant sells another weapon..
    Where is it?
    I thought some secret chamber would unlock once you got all the little statues but sadly nothing happend (that i could find)

    Anyone got some info on this?

    Thanks in advance

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    How'd you get it?

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    Yes... There is no way anybody could answer that unless they have played it. Now, the only people who could have played it are the people at Ubi, people who go to game event things, people who have won a copy. And people who somehow have pirated copies. So in other words, how did you get yours?

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    do you have Altair's sword? if not then thats it

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    It's the Broomstick of Doom.<pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">I remember reading somewhere that Ezio can use a broomstick to hit people.</pre>

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    Ah the 22nd weapon, this gave me a little greif too. It is easy enough to find provided you look in the right places.

    My guess is that you think the 22nd weapon is one that Ezio can obtain, If you are thinking this then you are wrong.

    Just after the second last Animus session I think it is you can use the scientists key pen to open the door to the room behind the the windows, on the table you will find a rather fancy dagger that desmond will slip into his pocket.

    I do not know what the purpose of the dagger is and it seems like it is more for show as you cant use it, but it is classified as the 22nd weapon and should fullfill the requirement for the achievment (or trophy if you are a PS3 user).

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    So how does it end?

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    do not post ending til the official release

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    Originally posted by kakashi560:
    do not post ending til the official release
    He didn't post the ending, and why shouldn't people be allowed to, as long as they add clear spoiler tags?

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    Because the game has not been officially released, so don't say anything. He could have gotten the game because.... guess who broke street release dates?!
    Chew on that for a while

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