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    I'am looking for detailled pictures for the F4U-4.
    Details like stencils, warnings etc. on the aircraft, placing of the exhaustpipes, rivets etc.

    Also what color for the aircraft?

    Please help me out!

    Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

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    All F4U-4's left the factory wearing overall glossy sea blue paint with a matte sea blue anti-glare panel along the top of the fuselage extending from the windscreen to the end of the engine cowling. A handful of the F4U-4's remaining in the USN/USMC reserve inventory were repainted in the late 1950's scheme of gull gray upper with a white lower.

    As for the decals placed on various panels, I have very little information on the exact wording of such decals. Very few original photos show such things with a good degree of clarity. For my skinning of the F4U-1, -1A, -1C, and -1D, I did not sweat the actual wording (especially since it becomes illegible at 1024x1024 resolution), but concentrated on getting the sizes correct.

    Your positioning of the chin scoop, light fall, and exhausts looks to be accurate. As far as photos are concerned, there is a wealth of books still available through, otherwise, Google is your friend and you can Google "f4u-4", then select "images". A simple web search for "f4u-4" should bring up a host of websites with photos and information.

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    Thanks stansdds!

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    Any time! The Corsair is my passion.

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