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    Does anyone know why my game crashes after i sink the Ark Royal when its sitting nice and still in a port .???????

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    Hmm, strange one that one. I've heard many people say that they've successfully sunk the carrier inside the port without experiencing a CTD. Try a previous save to the one you are using. What mods are you using, could there be a conflict? Sinking the ship might not be the sole reason for CTD. I often had CTD's returning to base, these in hindsight were due to mods.

    Note that sinking a ship in port can often not count towards your mission objectives, so my suggestion is to ignore that ship and try to catch a carrier in open seas. Anyway, It's not realistic, in reality the ship would of been heavily defended - wire, mines, etc.

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    You should check the temperature of your motherboard and graphic card. Whenever I shoot a torpedo in a heavy environment (i.e.: a port, a big convoy and so on), my graphic card gets overstressed and may throw me out of the game.

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    Same on this end - Steam version (1.2), German data folder.

    I sink the Ark Royal in Plymouth harbour and my XO begins informing me "Capital Ship, bearing ***. Short range." This goes on for about a minute or two (he lets me know about the phantom capship about every 10 seconds) and then with no warnings or error messages it crashes to desktop.

    Temps on CPU & GPU never go above what I usually see when they're taxed, and the game runs perfectly fine in all other respects - so I think it's just one of those bugs...

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    When this happens to people playing SH4 and they sink a ship with lots of graphics going on the crash is caused by the graphic card or to high of a setting in the graphic options.

    SH5 is a very demanding graphic game.

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    I have been getting this problem too on Blockade of Germany I cant for the love of god find a carrier task force out at sea but I have found the ark royal at Plymouth but it crashes about 20 seconds after i sink it. It has nothing to do with graphics my pc is very powerful and can handle much more. I would love to keep playing this game too.

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    I'm having the exact same problem- solutions, anyone?

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    then with no warnings or error messages it crashes to desktop.


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    There is a bug where if you torp a cap ship close to a port you can sometimes get a ctd.
    So far there is one fix that seems to work - its not great but its something.

    Set up your attack and fire torps - before torps hit, goto map view and stay there until ship sinks.
    You can the go back to 3d view again

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    I had the same thing happen to me. I think it might me the graphics card, but I don't care anyways, because it wasn't counting.

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