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    Thanks to everybody who entered It's time to vote. You know the drill - 2 votes, 1st vote gets 3 points, 2nd vote gets 1 point.

    Don't vote for yourself

    Please state screenshot title and forum members name. Voting closes end of the month. Good luck everyone

    Screenshots are here

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    ooh looks like I get to be the first to vote courtesy of the fact everyone in the US time zones are asleep. right then

    1st vote - "Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight" by jmanwell

    2nd vote - "Ha ha, you missed!" by OpiesEye

    having said that it was a really touch choice. there are pelnty of great screenies out there so good luck to everyone this month!
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    Tough choices this month, so many great shots to pick from.

    Special Mention

    pabbi's "S-41"

    1st Vote

    Oldsmobile1958's "Sneakin' up a prey"

    2nd Vote

    lane's "Old Man Sea"

    Nice job, guys.

    Looking forward to next month's competition.

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    My nominations..

    1st. Tambor198 A painted ship on a painted sea
    (Title reminded me of "Rime of the ancient mariner" by Iron Maiden )

    2nd. Zoomie_SF A busy place, Fremantle
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    1st "a classic sunrise" by zoomie_SF
    2nd "do you smell something burning" by raptor22ADF

    CO of the SS-266 Pogy
    thx tambor !!
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    1st vote - "A Busy Place, Fremantle" by Zoomis_SF

    2nd vote - "Old School" by Silentscorp1971

    Great pics everyone, good luck!

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    First vote goes to W.Schulz for "Torp in the water".

    Second goes to Sgt Bilko for "No Survivors".

    Honourable mention goes to Cpt Pogi's 3rd pic, Great shot, but I bet it looked even better in game, my screenshots always come out darker than they were in game
    and brightening them doesnt do them justice.
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    1st = Sink 'em faster then they can built them = Oldsmobile1958

    2nd = Troop Insertion = WilhelmSchulz.

    Yup. This month was tough!
    Demand veal marsala with garlic sauced noodles in the officer's mess!
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    ok here it goes, lane Starship is a one lovely screenshot.

    My first vote goes to ElAurens Terror in the nigth.
    Second vote goes to lane2512 Old man sea.
    "Stay with 'em 'til they're on the bottom!" Dudley W. Morton

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    1st "the habor quenn" by bunkerratt
    2nd SgtBilko2005's second entry
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