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    I recently re-installed my game from XP to windows 7 but when I am required to enter my product key it tells me that this key is already being used. I have a retail version of the game but for some reason I can't play it anymore. Can someone help me, I'm losing patience. Thank you.


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    Hello Studa,

    When you sign in you have to sign in using the same user name as you did when you first used the product key. If you have a different user name the product key will not work.

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    is there a way you can change this as i no longer play as GBF_Nickwkr BUT AS UBF_Nickwkr change of gaming clan.
    and i also just reinstalled game after changing pc to better spec ....

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    Hi in response to your question I bought the collectors edtion for £42 when it came out. I got to see the musuem then upgraded my video card to a better one. so after uninstalling the game as it states on the box unlimited installs this isnt the case. I to tried to put the code back in even writing it down and it still refused it. so now Im getting a normal copy instead. JUST DONT UNISTALL OR REBOOT YOUR SYSTEM LIKE I DID!!! hope this helps.

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    Am I reading this correctly? You have a game that doesn't work, and your solution is to give ubi more money and buy another one? WoW!

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    As Yooperbacker said above if you're reinstalling the game all you should need to do is sign in using the exact same login details you used when you originally registered the game.

    When first installing a game with OSP the initial install and registration link the key to your account so you're able to install as many times as you like so long as you login correctly.

    If this is not working please contact technical support, but before doing so ensure you are using the correct login information.

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    It dont work ive tried it so many times before. I like and enjoy playing ubisoft games, so paying £9.99 from amazon is nothing.
    This time ill make damn sure that I write it down,

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    But thats just my problem I cant remember what my signing in details was hence why Im buying another copy. Derr

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    I contacted technical sopport and got nothing oh apart from a free downloadable game!!!!!.
    I have so many ubisoft games buying another one wont hurt my bank account and with the comments made by mracosky i guess he still plays silent hunter 5 so yes I am giving ubisoft more money as it really does not bother me how much I spend with ubisoft.

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    Help please! At start of games SH 5, it is necessary to enter CD-key. Where it to take?

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