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    I think with these bosses be awesome for the third game.
    1.henry final showdown
    4.kimmy howell
    5.destroy boy
    6.elmer palmer (the black guy i didnt fight in nmh1)
    7.good girl
    8.uaa director
    9.that asian guy that talk with shinobu in nmh2
    10.jennifer peace
    hope that suda looks a this!!!!!!!!!!

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    the UAA has been abolished, even though some of these matches sound interesting, I think NMH 3 will be taking a different route.

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    I really hope we get memorable bosses though
    For some reason i like the bosses of NMH1 more than NMH2.I Didn't like the British rapper at all or the fan girl

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    I seriouslly hope that they don't bring back any new version of Destroy Man or Dr. Letz Shake. They just got played out to much. I also don't want to fight SHinobu. She's alive and an ally, leave her alone.

    I, personally, would LOVE it if they brought Kimmy Howell back as some insanely hard boss. Like boss 2 or 3. Travis did tell her to try and fight him once she was out of college. That would be so awesome and I love her.

    I want them to think of someone TOTALLY original. Like Matt Helms blew my mind away in his concept. Even if they were talking about Slasher films, he was just so unique to NMH that he stood out a lot to me. I DON'T want any alternative to Bad Girl. I love her and I like the way she went out. Still fighting 'till the end.

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    suda51 said travis' story is finished if we do ge a NMH3 it'll be a new guy maybe henry's side of the story or travis' kid as for bosses i wouldnt mind seeing a grown up kimmy or taking on dr naomi or even the ghost of the late Thunder Ryu

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