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    So far, I don't think anyone has seen a screenshot showing a cockpit view. So far, I don't think anyone has read anything confirming this game will have a cockpit view. Thought I'd make this poll so those of us who are really interested in the game can voice our opinions of whether we want a flying game with or completely without a cockpit view. I hope the devs have the smarts to read this section.

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    I voted exactly like the person before me.

    I tolerate Ace Combat because of the Cockpit camera.

    If HAWX fails to give me this view, I will not be buying it.

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    I'd be three copies of this game if the game doesn't include cockpits and allows me to fly a winged-pink-unicorn.

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    From the magazine article mentioned elsewhere:

    Translation of interest:

    "50 to 80 types of planes made realistic outside, some of them having realistic cockpits, other generic"

    That's a step in the right direction. Now, I hope it's a cockpit we can look around and use, not just a small fixed section of instrument panel in front of you.
    (always ask for more LOL)

    With that many aircraft, I can understand them not all being perfect representations. Surely the "main" ones will be well modeled. I hope that includes the A-10.

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    If that is true, then obviously the Rafale M would have its own cockpit. Just watch the teaser trailer. The A-10 is unique, so it must get special treatment.

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    Yes to everything except the last option, to which I said No.

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    I said yes to all

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    This will never happen, but....If H.A.W.X. had a cockpit view, would you want to be able to customize the flat screen instrument displays?
    Example....F22 Raptor, the instrument displays can be customized, and moved around to the pilots preferences."

    Why will that never happen? Jane's F/A-18 had that feature and that game was released how many years ago?

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    Would be a little clumsy setting that up with a controller, but I guess it could be done. Doubt it will though. You can do that in Enemy Engaged 2 as well, but I don't end up messing with it much. No big deal to me if (when) that isn't in the game.

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    Yeah, I guess I was figuring it would be implemented on the PC, but it would be awkward on a console...

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