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    What I hope fore is to discover the storyes of the past searies(I didn't reed anithing from the other parts because I was lazy), so I hope all you fans of the searies can fel it in.Here is the basic:

    Long aog The great Regend and his mortal enemy dral sords and created an Apocaliptic Armagedon destroing them and the world, all was doomed.However some maniged to escape throth a portal.The catastrophy also enspierd heroes eatch buye there own reson and resettled their peopel fighting for survaival in the new world.

    I hope you guyes will fill the rest

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    Sorry for my English( I am from Bulgaria)

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    I'm afraid I really don't understand what you're trying to say

    Who is Regend?? What are "dral sords"?? Are you trying to ask us something or are you trying to tell us something??

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    I do not get either what is wanted. The history of might and magic universe is summarised at many places. For example here. If this thread here is an attempt to create something completely new, I am not interested in participating...

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    The guy with the long red hair in the 1-st to 3-rd part was Regend, right and when I said "draw swords" I ment cross their blades!
    Anyway, what I wanted was to hear all the stories from HOMAM1 to HOMAM4!
    So, shall we go on?

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    Ok I guess you want the story of H1-3. Follow the link given by Pitsu, you'll find all there and more.

    So by Regend you mean Gelu?.

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    If tha is his name OK, but who was the other guye that I mantioned(the mortal enemy who was an ugly barbarion).

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    or the H IV version of Kilgor:

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    WOW, Pitsus, man is it long.

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    So, what do you guys think will happen in HOMAM5?
    Pitsu, sorry I called you Pitsus

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