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    I want to buy From Dust and I usually buy my PC games on Steam. However, the Steam version of From Dust contains DRM. Steam itself is a DRM service, so it is pointless to include additional DRM. I refuse to buy any Steam games that have additional non-Steam DRM included on them, and there are many others who do the same.

    Please reconsider the DRM on the Steam release of From Dust. I understand that it is not the always-online type, but it is still DRM. Steam provides publishers with the tools to protect the game. The only thing the additional DRM does is stop customers such as myself from purchasing the game and encourages us to pirate it instead. If you remove the additional DRM from the Steam release I'll happily pre-purchase it on Steam.

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    Did you see the pinned thread "From Dust DRM Clarification"?
    its a One-Time online activation only, and you dont need to have a internet connection all the time after the activation.
    Steam got a offline mode that will work for games that doesn't have a DRM that aquire a internet connection all the time..
    I'm not against the DRM that Ubisoft put in AC:B, they included a cloud service for our savegames, which I think is nice..

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    But it would require an activation every time I re-install Windows, or every time I use a different machine. Are there activation limits? What happens when Ubisoft decommissions the activation servers? Does their DRM include other secret "features" like blocking CD burning software? (Which is pointless for a game that doesn't use a CD). Is it like SecuROM which intentionally puts corrupted entries in the system registry that can't be deleted even by the system administrator?

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    A simple Google Search gives you all the answers:

    What if Ubisoft decides not run these online services in the future? Will my game stop working?
    If any service is stopped, we will create a patch for the game so that the core game play will not be affected.
    Also try to keep the DRM discussion in one thread so it's easier to follow:

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    As already explained above From Dust requires a one time only activation.

    This activation is linked to your account so if you need to reinstall at anytime you can do so by relinking your account to the game.

    However with all that said there are many other threads discussing this subject so please continue discussion there. Thanks

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