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    Played Twice and cant find all of them
    help please

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    Played Twice and cant find all of them
    help please

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    1. Obvious
    2. Ceiling after Shapeshifter fight (first one I believe)
    3. It the bathhouse, after using Elika's new power for the first time, wall run to the climb-thingy in the wall and then slide down.
    4. Bathhouse, at the third crank. right of the railing, there is a wall. Run up on it and jump over the corruption onto the wall directly across it.
    5. In the room with the red weeds, after the "two-tower-puzzle", left of the entrance.
    6. Same, but on the right.
    7. At the Tomb, at the second set of cranks. While looking at the plate, climb down the left railing and continue to climb along that wall.
    8. Same, but at the third set of cranks.
    9. Last room, right of the entrance.
    10. At the mid-point there, at the giant door, run along the wall right of it.

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    thanks dude. very helpful

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