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    I just got to thinking about something I haven't seen discussed: "Will this game have cinematics?"

    I imagine they could have a "You win, Good for you!" or "You failed, now Russia owns all of europe" clip, although that would be a bit cliche. (Remember the early C&C games that did that?)

    There could also be cut scenes for the singleplayer segment leading up to world war III.

    Then of course, there is this possibility: what if they had a fake news cast outlining events of the war (like they've done on the viral site)? They'd probably do it at key points durring each campaign and of course the end of each campaign.


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    that'd only work with single player

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    Not nescessarily. After each campaign, Ubisoft could get the world news lady to read off the events of the campaign, or perhaps they could even have the animation boys give it a crack.

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    I remember a game where they gave you the ending summary of each battle, sorta Madden-like (I can't remember the name though, sorry. It was a while ago and I didn't really care that much).

    Like "The Americans attempted to secure the main-bridge, but the Russians set up an ambush. The attack destroyed the army, but a counter-suicidal ambush from the Americans gave us a Pyyrhic victory."

    Or maybe Rome: Total War-like. Such as when you take the enemy's headquarters or even assualt it. Better yet, I remember that there was a special objective-like thing in an interview for EndWar. You get Special Forces soldiers and sneak them in to ambush the enemy (Third Echelon anyone?) through the enemy forces. And give a Mideval Total War 2 cinematic for failed and succefful objectives.

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    Yes this game has like 3 real cinmatics

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    i'm starting to think your making new strands of the T virus DAFOC

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    but seriously dafoc enough with the necroing

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    First one to kill Dafoc gets a free t-shirts that says 'I SHOT DAFOC IN THE FACE'.

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    *shoots dafoc in face*

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    *Revives DAFOC and shoots him in the face....twice*

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