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    Today I was playing on Imagine Town and I am a Kitchen Assistant so I was being a waitress. I said exactly this: "Hi I will be your waitress today, what can I get you." I then got a notification noting that I got a warning for using such words that are not allowed on Imagine Town! I'M CONFUSED! What words did I say that could have been against the rules in any way possible? I am a definite rule follower and I would never say anything bad!I NEVER EVER WOULD WANT TO HURT SOMEONE'S FEELINGS ECT. Was this a mistake or did I do something wrong? HELP!
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    ubisoft is broken, hopefully it'll be fixed shortly

    obviously you did nothing wrong. i don't know what imagine town is but the problem is with that.
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    Hi prancer1224, we have forums for Imagine Town here
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