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    Please remember that ALL bugs and gameplay issues that you may find in the game, need reporting directly to Ubisoft Support.

    While you may get some answers from support staff on the forum, it's vital that you report the problems you're experiencing so that the Dev team can see the scale of the issue.

    Posting only on the forums, does not guarantee that your post will be seen or answered.

    When you contact support - remember to give as much information as possible - such as:

    Format of game: [e.g PS3]

    Type of console: [e.g PS3 Slim 250GB]

    Internet Connection speed [if online related]

    Make and Model of Router [if online related]

    NAT Status [if online related - you can check with consoles settings]

    Have you installed the game: [for Xbox]

    What type of problem you have:

    Steps needed to recreate it, if known:

    You can contact support directly via details in the manual [remember call charges may apply] - or for free via the web here:

    Please remember if you use the web service, you have 48 hours to update any reply from support - so if they ask for more information, make sure to supply it.

    Feel free to post your problems here, but remember that your post may not be answered individually - You need to contact Support for any game/ support issues should you require that.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I,m posting here due to problems trying to report on the support site

    ps3 8ogb
    3.66 firmware
    steps to recreate - load the game
    repeated freezing of audio and graphics as reported by many other users. you guys must be aware of this the game has been out 1 week (UK) .

    Is a patch planned? Can a patch even fix these issues.

    game seems worth playing but at the moment ruined by these problems on ps3.

    Ubisoft or techland need to respond to people about this.


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    I,m posting due to a problem
    40 gb ps3
    nat type2
    the muiltiplayer was working fine for the first week of playing but since last night i can't join a game as soon as i join it says everyone has left the match.PLEASE FIX THIS.dosen't happen on any other game i play.hope this gets fix loven the mulitiplayer.

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    to mannny bugs and lags in multiplayer please a patch for ps3 that sucks

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    Xbox 360, open nat, hardwired to router.

    Im getting the mp lobby freezes like many and have also encountered a couple of bugs when in a match.

    1.spawning and not being able to move, shoot or anything except start menu.
    This was on the forest map(please forgive my bad memory)

    2.nevrending rounds that go on for god knows how long, majority of player quit and after about ten minutes so did i.
    This was on the desert map and when I quit i did get post games stats for the match in question.

    I hope theres a fix for this because I really enjoy it when it works.


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    any news mr shade?

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    Hi all,

    I dont want to ***** but im feeling like ubi doesnt care. Can someone from ubi please confirm that there working on a fix and put your community at ease.

    I ask this with the most respect and hope that this fun game can be fixed soon.


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    I don't have any news at present - But want to make sure people know they need to contact Support - they will be the ones who are in contact with the team and may have further info on the issue.

    They may also be able to provide some tips on getting the game more stable for you.

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    ok thanks!

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    Format: ps3
    Console type: 80gb

    I have encountered many glitches visually and in the audio in the story campaign. Also there is lag in multiplayer when you kill someone, as sometimes they die 5 secs after you stopped shooting.

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