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    After a very,very,very,very,very long annd hard discussion,we split off from VAA for our own personal reasons.But after a few moments of panic after a lot of people got cold feet,and a few did worse than panic,such as acting like a school girl and getting all desperate for attention (we know who you are.Well,we only! ) ,we found things to work with.Thanks to my very "special" friend Arcane Asian for convincing us to let go.Ill try and get the clan together as often as possible,but if I cant,Im sure other members will be more than happy too.We will hold tryouts,so if you are interested message me on XBL (RabidWesmann),and post on here if youd wish.We don't care whether your some living legend,or someone just getting their groove.Both will treated fairly .
    IMPORTANT: Come to our members if you want practice.Message me and Ill direct you to someone.

    Members of SP (Will be updated):


    Co-leader (as I see it):
    TXI Raven Elite

    Rest of SP in no order (Captians to be announced):
    FilipionoNinja AKA x850x Andrew
    Zoidberg747 ( )
    PoofyPickachu AKA Paperobot ( )
    Yakta Tsik Tsik
    Merick73 AKA J2H Merick
    TheHowlerrr (
    JT Joker
    DeadlySpirit92 (Lespara )
    SyKz Reapz

    Pending tryouts:

    Pending scrims:
    WHU (Every Saturday.AA scrims usually.I am talking to Lock em Up about doing some Manhunt ones.)
    WLP (every other weekend.Probably atleast once or twice a month.)
    BRS (this weekend,friday I think)
    UvT (date TBA)

    Pending Events:
    MH tournament (I hope...)

    Frequent clan guests (comes to alot of get togethers,big and small):

    Our Artifact Assault team:
    TXI Raven Elite
    AnalougusPrune9 (Sub)
    FilipinioNinja (Sub)

    Our Manhunt team (ACB)
    TXI Raven Elite
    Yakta Tsik Tsik

    Manhunt Team (ACR,may be changed)
    Yakta Tsik Tsik
    TXI Raven Elite

    Chest Capture team:

    Escort team:

    SP's and friend's quotations that cause outrageous humour and/or sarcasm to an epic amount and it causes Andrew to go "it's funny because...",and is reused and refrenced to often:

    "Thats called Revelations *****."-IIwangcarsII
    "Oh,I get it! Its funny because *insert long,useless rant about why a joke is funny,thus ruining it*.Yeah!"-Andrew (FilipinoNinja)
    "These guys are good at PARKER"-Rossko
    "The Ubisoft symbol isn't an icon...its a warning label."-Laspeara
    "My god,*****es these days just run around the map like Attila the Hun."-DaviDOA8.
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    Wait, so is it Sieanza Pieata or Sieata Pieata?

    Also, I need to talk to you about a couple of people that may be interested.

    The Lobster of Love is coming for you

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    Oh I misspelled on here.Annd shoot,whos intersested?

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    duude we have to get together and get down on some AA, heard thats your mode, we can make SP Artifact Assault a force to be reckoned with


    that was a fun as hell night it was awesome actually getting to play with you, not to mention your a freakin one man wall on AA

    and to all those of any skill level even interested in joining, feel free to hit me up with a message or a friend request so we can get down on some matches for fun and maybe you can meet some of the crew.

    signature made by zeejay, thanks dude its frickin awesome

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    no rooster for now,under these circumstances


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    Its not like you have to be best of best.Just excell at one thing,we'll teach the rest.Think we have enough AA players though.If you know who decides to join fine but Im drawing the line there for AA players,unless others are TOTALLY against it.We left for a democracy,not a dictactorship.Im not going to make the same mistake and let this clan get too big for me too handle.So Im going to cap it soon,we're already starting to get a flow of new recruits.And if Evil Eye comes through,then we will be up to our necks with them.Probably cap at 15.If we can handle that,I may increase to 20,and so on.Andd Ill have to direct ZenSandman to our forum.As well as everyone else

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    Originally posted by ZenSandman:
    no rooster for now,under these circumstances

    Very funny.Ill change when I please,not so big on fixing things unless people can't read it

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    Anyyywayy.Ill talk to the others interested in switching over tommorow.You all know who Im talking about,so no need for me to throw out their names for all to see.Else they get in trouble due to blind raging from certain people.Side note: I guess Ill talk to Iwangcars tommorow.He may be interested.We need to set tryouts up.Fast. .Any ideas? If we're fresh out we can just see their skill,then the people in the game can take a vote.That is,until things get goin.I feel that the requirments are a bit...distracting anyway.Oh and PSS,I put our clan name on the list of AC clans on the forums.Sooner the better.PSSS:Ask Yaka Ysk Tsk (whatever) if you want.Point him to me for better info if he wants.

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    Senior Member Zoidberg747's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I will ask Yakta if you want.

    For the tryouts it should just depend on the mode. Maybe once you get their favorite mode you and TXI can discuss requirements or something.

    And yeah AA is my mode, we will play sometime.

    The Lobster of Love is coming for you

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    For tryout requirements, I suggest we get in a private match with who is currently in the clan and run through game modes we aren't entirely sure on how we should grade them. Then after we play we can estimate that the average of all our scores. This would probably only work in free for all game modes.

    As for team modes you obviously have to communicate well with your teammates and probably win, but otherwise we would have to work on a certain amount of points

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