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    I figured Since i played ghost recon one. AND IF ANYONE else has, please drop a comment. I was thinkin we should make a Clan. And own the newbz. Im sure this is going to get trolled. but I just miss the Good old CL,BQL,IGS,FAGaming days. So ya.. if ur in let me know. I usta play PC, under Shox,Vortex,Mexican,Trunks,and a bunch of other names. But im not sure if itll be a PC or consol clan, I wouldnt mind gettin bak on da PC if everyone agrees, right now i play COD for xbox

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    the only problems are that nobody plays it anymore, (i will start again maybe)
    and arent the servers closed?

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    Hello Trunks,

    It's the stanman STANIX I remember you from the good old TaG days. Probably I played matches against you on other ladders aswell like BQL/IGS. You can count me in. GR1 is for me still the best multiplayer game ever.

    Rick336 there is still a server up. Check out Sometimes I put my own server up. Would be really awesome to relive some of the good old days.

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    i would be down for that. I went by Nitro and capt morgan, played for several years in several clans

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    Hey guys you's still playing ? Let me know!
    Email :

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    have you guy checked x-fire (cross fire?) i know there was still games on there last summer.

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