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    Hello all,

    It has become apparent that many of you are winning battles in the ToW mode and not receiving your Credits. Now, is this only when people quit out you do not get Credits or are there other factors?

    Please post here in this thread so we can compile everything together for the developers. If you wish to repost your feedback from your previous threads, please also post them here.

    Thank you for your feedback and patience at this time.
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    I think its only when players quit out of games not sure its happened to me a couple of times but i dotn remember how those games ended or even what games they were
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    I have had it happen multiple times, mostly when at least 1 person has quit.

    Also happened when I somehow got into a 3v2 on three mile island, although I did not have a computer ally like it said I supposedly did. It was me versus 3 ruskies.
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    Over the weekend we implemented a tweak which should resolve most occurrences of this issue without requiring any sort of patch download.

    If you continue to experience problems of this type, please report them on this forum.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    My friend and I just finished winning two games in a row without getting any credits. Both times I noticed one of the opponents was the AI Commander. We were on Conquest of Arrabida.
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    I've found that if it's a 2v2 and it's AI for the majority of the match the opposing human players won't get paid but the AI's teammate will...
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    This has happened to me 5 times already! I won two games back to back last night each win I was awarded over 200,000 CR, but never received them. It happens to me in 2 VS.2 and in 1 on 1 campaigns... Please fix soon! I'm playing on the PS3 console
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    happened to me, heres my info.

    Faction: JSF
    Map: Ft Campbell
    Mode: 2v2 Conquest

    Explanation: My teammate left in the first minute of the game. Game played out as usual, I won, and was supposed to be awarded 190 000 CR. Said CR did not appear.
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    It has happened to me three times:

    1. No sign on bonus for Russians even though it indicated bonus was 100,000 CR (also happened to many of my clan mates)

    2. Opponent quit, I got victory screen, no CR (Shenandoah / Sunday night)

    3. Defeated opponent, had nice post-game chat, no CR (Shenandoah, Sunday night)
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    I have this problem also and I reported it but however I got ignored!!!

    I only get credits when I LOOSE

    When I win I don't get anything!!!
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