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    Hey guys,

    As you already know, we have proudly announced a new service called Uplay, and our first game to feature it is AC2.

    The first enabled feature is Uplay Win with a redeem system that allows you to earn points you can later trade for gift like premium theme, in game upgrade, extra mission and even Altair's outfit

    Well the second option is Uplay Help. It works in game with a video browser but also online here

    The section is not complete yet but feature for now on 2 tabs. Mission types, and assassinations.

    In Mission type you will have clues and tips on how to beat more easily the different types of challenge that appears in the game. Each mission in AC2 is created by mixing several mission types. You can be ask for example to protect a friend, and escort him for point A to point B and finally he is too hurt and you'll have to carry him. Well see that at 3 mission types (Defend-Escort-Carry). So Carry missions could ask you to carry someone, or something heavy or just a letter, but the way you have to prepare those missions and the tips we will give you work on all of them. So if you want to learn more, just check the videos

    Assassinations missions are all the mandatory targets you will have to kill in the game, so there is a lot of spoiler. Still, it's a walktrough with the best way to kill each target without using any items, and with the best way to run out if needed. I recommend them if you have issue. Their name indicate the moment they appear in the game e.g. SQ03 M03 means Sequence 3 Mission 3 as it appears in the main menu.

    Last but not least, our next upcoming video are recommended for anyone. We are talking about a Tutorial area, where you will find tips and clues on how to upgrade your character, use your new abilities or learn a couple of tricks for use in combat or blending... (e.g. the best way to deal with brutes, or how to use multiple blending to get close to a target.)

    Hope you will like them
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    Thanks Atmon! I will definitely look at that (I'll try ton ot use the "assassinations" part). By the way, my system and game is in French... Will I have problems with the Uplay content? Will I be able to use/read/watch it even if it is only in English?

    You all did a great job with the game! My god, Ubisoft has a vision with video games (AC and as a medium), and I love it!
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    No don't worry all the videos and content for Uplay will be localized really soon and available in French, German, Italian and Spanish
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    Im trying to find out if I can get my Username changed, if I cant I might make a new account (assuming I dont get problem with my e-mail) Becuase I messed up spelling my name on this account.

    If I do either of those would it effect me from geting getting Uplay stuff from the game. I dont wanna lose my points or have to restart my game
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    Strange, my username isn't P_Morin90. I think it uses p_morin(my PSN ID).
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    Nice one Atmon, thanks for the heads up!
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    My pleasure
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    will there be more awards for ac2 or is it just them 4?
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    So i am looking for specifics of how i am going to get my content from Uplay to my system. As well as how uplay will know what i have accomplished in the game. When i singed up to nothing was asked about my PSN id or anything??

    Originally posted by ms-kleaneasy:
    I'm not quite sure what the plan is on activating this tek so I'll chase it up and see what I can find out
    Found it on Page two of this section in the forums.

    On to living the creed.
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    Originally posted by Tony6593:
    will there be more awards for ac2 or is it just them 4?
    I wanted to know this myself. It'd be cool if future DLC would be offered through this and you'd get it by unlocking achievements.
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