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    In accordance with the scriptures...err...traditions, I have to ask, what did you ACTUALLY GET for Christmas. Our thread on What you are getting is no longer relevant, so dish the details!

    We've yet to open presents the good Christians we are, we drug the kids to church last night and were there til 1. Some are awake, some aren't. No parents are awake yet, they had longer one can open presents til everyone wakes up!

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    So far, I got $200 from my sister, which will go into my Toys for Tots fund for next year. I have one more present waiting under the neighbors tree that will be opened at dinner tonight.

    But my biggest gift is knowing that over 100 children are opening presents they may not have received otherwise.

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    I get a feast of turkey, today.Back on the diet tomorrow.
    I got a new starter for my Heep yesterday, does that count?
    I don't go to church, but I do think of all those people that don't even get a decent meal at Christmas.

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    I got a Chicago Bear football gnome, a digital tire gauge and dvd set of something called Silent Victory: Submarine Warefare in WW II. Looking forward to watching this later tonight.

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    I got coal. Two tons of good old rice size Anthracite. Granted, it wasn't delivered by Santa last night.
    It's nice to be warm this time of year.
    Mommasan is prepping me a nice Turkey feast. She doesn't like Turkey, so it's a gift to me.

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    I got sick. I woke up this afternoon with a nasty sinus & upper respiratory infection. Probably caught it off of someone at one of the calls I went on last night or the night before. I've been responding to a lot of ambulance requests regarding severe respiratory illness lately, especially among children.
    Don't know how I'm going to make it through tonight's shift, but I have to go to work nonetheless.

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    I got a hangover

    Movies, CD's, clothing, gift certificates to everywhere...... Hundreds of messages and emails from friends near and far, and best of all, Hugs and kisses from my Mom, Sister, and all my friends and family I rely on everyday to keep me sane (somewhat).

    Btw, played TMO 2.5 drunk late last night, can't wait to sign in and see what happened

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    I got (first and foremost) a 4th Gen, 8GB Apple iPod. I've wanted one of these things for the longest time and had considered getting one myself. A very cool gift indeed.
    Other things include a pair of "Wells Lamont" Thinsulate gloves (something I've wanted for a while), a pair of lighted jumper cables, a pack of CD-RW's, a bag of Snickers candy bars (my all-time favorite) new rubber floor mats for my car, a Michigan Wolverines license plate border (also for my car), and a "Pontiac" keychain (for my car keys ).

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    Originally posted by donna577:
    I got a hangover
    I hear that, bright lights and loud noises are not my friends at the moment.

    Scored some pretty good new clothes, money, a slab of fruit cake and no doubt a bit more when i see the rest of the family.

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    Originally posted by donna577:
    I got a hangover

    I can commiserate with that feeling.

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