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    Hey all, here's the deal.
    I've bought Heroes 6 through steam. During this, steam created a uplayaccount for me. Username somthingstupid like hu884u488 or something.. no matter what the game worked fine and everything. then i went to install the game on my other computer through steam. But now when i launch the game it ask's for my uplay information. i Can check the username of my uplay account by playing them game on the pc where i first installed it, but i have no clue what my password is,cause steam just created it ??

    So my question is, how to i retrive my uplay information when steam created it for me?? I've got an confirmation email from steam due to the purchase of heroes 6 but no uplay account information??
    Thanks in advance

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    Steam cannot generate a Uplay account & password, Steam & Ubisoft being separate companies.
    You already have a Uplay account : Kapperen_ It has the same password as the one you used to log-in to the forum.
    Unless your H6 game has been activated in association with another Uplay account name ...

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    This account (kapperen_)is just one i recenty created to create this thread. I pre-ordered Heroes 6 through steam. And i dont know why, but i was not promted to create a uplay account to play the beta. I noticed i was logged into the beta as user: Hu844u448 or something. didn't take notice since it worked fine. When heroes was released however, i ran the game at a uplay window just popped up and asked me to input my serial key (i had not logged into with any account at this point!) I wrote my serial, that i got from steam i the game worked. But i have no idea what my information is. And since the game is now installed on another pc, it dosent automatically log into uplay! ): And of course cant associate THIS account with the serial now, because it's already been used. Any suggestions?

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    Hu844u448 or something
    That "or something" is not good. If you knew the exact Uplay name you had in the Beta, all you would have to do is try to log into this forum with that name & click that you have forgotten your password. An email would then be sent to the address associated with the Hu844u448... name. What you can do is go to that email account and find the Ubisoft registration confirmation email : it will reveal to you the exact username.
    You can then try my forgot-password trick.

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    Thank you. i've located the EXACT username in the eta now. i've tried the "forgot password" tick and placed the email account associated with my steam account, but it says that no email is used to create a uplay account. I guess steam got the BETA user account with a different or no email at all?

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    I do not understand what you did. My trick is this :

    1. Log-off from this forum as Kapperen_ .
    2. Try to log back in here with the other username.
    3. Since you lost its password, ask that a new password be sent to the email address associated with that name.
    4. Log-in to Uplay with the new password sent in the email.

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    Ill try to be more accurate in my discription. I've found my beta username hu844... something. The email that is associated with my steam account, had no uplay account associated with it. so i created this account Kapperen_ with the email that is linked to my steam account. I cant see where i can just type in the username and click "forgot password" without me needing to type the email adress for which my lost account is linked with. in other words. The beta username and account is not linked to my email! How would it, it was just created for the beta trough steam?
    What i got so far:
    -A perfectly running game on my first pc, due to auto login with a uplay account i have no password to.
    - the username to that account
    Any suggestions would be very welcome !

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    A Steam account & password has nothing to do with a Ubisoft account & password : those are 2 separate companies.

    What you seem to be saying is that you had a Uplay username, during the Beta, which was not linked to an email address.
    I am not saying that this is impossible, but I believed that Uplay accounts were always linked to an email address.

    For example. Mine, for the forum & Uplay, is Sorceresss. That name is associated to an email adress. If I forget my password, I try to log-in to this forum as Sorceresss and then click the "forgot password" option. The Ubisoft server will then automatically generate a new password and will email it to my account's address. I can then use this new password either to log into this forum or to log into Uplay for Heroes 6.
    My Steam username is not Sorceresss : that account & its password have nothing to do with my Ubisoft account & its password.

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    Steam user here. Played Beta aswell

    Steam does NOT create a Uplay account for you!!! it cant :P..

    now either the machine you first used already had a Uplay account setup on it or you have someone stuffin you around

    when i first bought downloaded and installed the beta Steam opened up the Ubisoft launcher at which point I had to make the account.
    you cant make an account without an Email so who ever has that "hu844... something" account now has a full copy of the game 8)

    when the game came out i logged into the same account i used for the Beta and used my delux key and was able to play.

    now according to google to reset your password with Uplay you need to go to

    however that says you need the email address if you dont know it i doubt you'l get yer game back and since you bought the game on steam there is no refund however you might be able to get them to chase up what user name and email that serial got signed up to.

    so for future reference dont sign up your games on someone else's computer first....

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    First of all, i fully understand that steam and ubisoft accounts are seperate. The uplay account hu884 something was seriusly assigned to me or somehow preset to my pc or game when i played the beta. i installed the game on MY OWN pc. i can play online at home. but now i wanted to install it on another pc and realised ive spent the product key on a account that i only got the username to. when i click "forgot password" even with the username written down, it STILL ask's about the corrosponding email adress. i've tried my own but it said that no uplay account was created with THAT email. I realise now, that i've should have made a new uplay account and used the cd key on that, but since i never saw a log-in window when i ran heroes 6 the first time i didn't realise that. The user that i've used to play the beta was auto logged on when i ran heroes 6 the first time (not beta) I have the serial in steam and can prove that ive bought it, but since steam automatically logs into the beta user (hu8844..) i've now got a uplay account without the password and no idea what email adress is linked with it???

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