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    Does anyone know of anywhere that will sell the collectors edition and post to Australia. Alternatively, anyone willing to buy me one and post it to me, with my money of course.

    I've been reading these forums a lot longer than I've been posting and would trust many on here with this. Il-2 seems to attract more than it's share of honorable people.

    Please let me know if you know anywhere it's available. Ubi has decided we colonials are not worthy of the collectors ed.

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    Try here I think they ship world wide.

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    Anyone tried ordering from the above site? any luck?


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    Copies of the Collectors Edition are available for purchase from a street stall at the Bogdanovich monthly farmers markets. Bogdanovich (??????????)is a small town in the Urals with a population of 30,000.

    Come early limited stocks.

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    I received an email from Nigeria, They will send me as many copies as I want if I give them my bank account number.
    I've ordered ten, if you want one I'll sell them for $150 each.


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    I must be the only one who doesn't want that poorly printed hanky. It really isn't anything special.

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    Interesting quote from that site:

    "We will try our best to supply you with the game!"

    Not exactly confidence inspiring

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    I am only getting the standard dvd version, as no German collectors version is available.
    As to the cloth diaper, I think the original cloth map I have is at least just as good even though at about 65 years of age a little faded.

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