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Thread: New A6M5 at Flying Legends | Forums

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    A6M5 Model 52 of the 301st Hikotaki, 201st Kokutai.
    This aircraft was part of the “Shikishima-Tai” unit, based in the Philippines during October 1944.

    Can be downloaded here from the secind page.


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    really nice

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    Very good work jest.

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    Excellent skin

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    Unfortunately the, flying legents, server seems to be always busy

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    That's funny, I don't think I've ever had a problem with that site.

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    If you ever have a problem at Flying-Legends you should let us know over there.
    We don't always check topics here for problems at FL , So if we don't know we can't fix


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    Hello Jester,

    Hey how come you changed your name here? Anyways,that is one beautiful looking A6M5. I am looking forward to more. =S=

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    Fine work... definitely a keeper.

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    Beautiful work!

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