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    OMG, I got through this. I still can't believe it. This forum thread gave me what I needed though, but I'll toss in a few other things that I felt helped because I was ready to just forget about this darn thing.
    1) Obviously practice that hard as heck 'special' jump. I just climbed back up the stairs to the previous room and practiced on the big door. Even after reading this forum it took me a while before I actually got "E" to jump sideways, and it was like, "Whoa, what did I just do?" Then I'd try it again and either get nothing or worse, the dreaded 'reverse' jump. I'd get about 5 practice jumps correct in a row and then I'd go 10+ with bad jumps. It just took a lot of practice to get those left and right sideways jumps to work out. Even when I finally got through this I was still only getting the jump right about 80% of the time.
    2) Even if you run out of time no matter how much progress you made on that particular run just keep practicing that section. Just swim to the last location and go through that section over and over. Oddly for me the section I struggled with was jumping up those darn stone steps. One false move and you are down in the water. Each section has several places where you just need to stay calm when you 'aren't doing the special jump.
    3) There are only three places where you need to make the special jump. The first wall, the second jump from the 'round' pillar, and then the third jump which gets you over to the lever and drops you down before you start heading up the stone steps. For some reason I thought that when you reached the wall where there is water dripping down that you needed to do another special jump. You don't. It works, but you don't need to do the fancy jump. Just turn side ways and jump up on to the ledge.
    4) Sleep on it. For whatever reason whenever I've encountered a section that I can't get through on any game and I feel 'stuck' I just leave it alone for a day and come back the next. That's what I did on this one. I spent hours the first time trying to get through this but by then my nerves were too tight so I was making a lot of stupid mistakes. I tried it again this morning and within 45 minutes I got through.
    5) Turn the brightness level all the way up. It was somewhat 'foggy' but it helped to see the darker stones, logs, etc.

    Again though the biggest advice is that even when the clock runs out just keep going and practicing in that section. Each progressive has a place where you can swim back to and do that section over and over again. Then when you feel confident go back to the beginning and start the timer and go for it.

    Total time spent to get through this - about 8 hours for me, and that was with constant practicing. Good luck, but you can do this.
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    Doing that tomb now.....have been working on it for awhile..I have gave up and went on to other things befor but now I need to beat it or else I will just shelf
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    One other point. You lose a little time (or at least focus) during the cut-scenes as you activate each lever. The next time through, you don't get the cut-scene, which means you get through that section a little easier and quicker. I have missed getting this when time ran out after I started wall jump to the last lever.
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    The thing to do is not to panic. That can be the hardest part when you're on your 17th try, but there is enough time even when you hear the timer start to tick faster. But if you panic and fall in the water even once, it's all over. I learned that the hard way.

    Trolling level = Ubisoft

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    Well, I'm done.

    I got Assassin"s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood and a preorder of 3 for my birthday.
    Finished 1, have been playing 2 and have gotten to this stupid tomb. It is not a matter of "oh I don't undertstand how to get through" etc. it is just a matter of the programming being CRAP for the PC port. I will not be finishing this game and I will be selling my Brotherhood and 3 (if I can't cancel) unopened. Sorry Ubisoft, you really f@cked the pooch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadfly22 View Post
    There's no need to rush. If you move the controller stick up (so you run up the wall) and then right (to give the jump the correct direction) and THEN a split second later hit the jump button, you'll be fine. The controller will understand that "right" is a separate command, followed by "jump". And once your hands learn the timing of the drill, advanced jumps shouldn't be a problem again.
    I created a login just to reply to this. Grant it, it's years old but THANK YOU for this!!! I am not proud to admit I did throw my controller and yelled many obscenities. Then I googled about making 180 degree turns and found this. I read this message, went to a bigger room and practiced and got through on the next try. I was totally rushing before. I was deliberate and even fell once in the water and still managed to get up and succeed. Thank you for the help!
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