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    I have been having great sucsess with the 88 against Merchants, Patrol Boats, and even Destroyers.

    I engadged a Class C destroyer at night about 20,000 leagues of Gibralter. I opened up with my deck gun at 5000 k. I scored several good hits before the destroyer returned fire. I kept my distance more than 3000k and used all my AP shells before switching to HE.
    The Destroyer tried despratley to fire back but was never able to get a good fix on me. I took one hit to the aft torpedo room, but no major damage.
    The destroyer circled in the dark fireing fevorishly in the direction of my fire as I haplessly took my time and picked him apart, piece by piece.

    I wonder if that is a realistic senario or just a glitch in the games Destoyer AI.
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    A U-boat would be a hard target to hit from 5,000m's away.
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    A real life scenario such as that would be disastrous. A U-boat could never hope to win a surface battle with a destroyer. Even though you have the advantage of sitting very low in the water, he will close the range so quickly that it won't really matter.
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