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    Sacrificial Altar.(past) Found and solved the power upgrade puzzle behind the altar. Jumped across and climbed the wall to the rope. What's the trick here with the rope swinging? Have tried over and over and always miss the pole to grab!

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    This pwned me for an HOUR. Climb up the rope (don't swing) and JUMP OFF towards a switch (which you should see behind you). Then JUMP BACK from the switch to the rope and hop back onto the platform.

    When you pulled the switch a window-type thing should have closed. Wall run over to the next ledge.

    Did that help??

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    LOL ... sadly No.

    died ... came back from the powerboost section (at least I didn't have to beat the traps behind the sacrificial altar again). jumped around and chameleon stall jumped back to the "rope tutorial" plave again .... can see no switch!

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    When you get on the rope does the tutorial tell you to use the control stick to move up and/or down the rope (as opposed to holding down R1 to swing)? There should be a hanging ceiling switch in the foreground... unless I am thinking of a different part?

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    coming back from gaining power (behind the altar) I did find that the altar moves again. (further out). Jump skip and climb my way to the rope and the rope tutorial says r1 to swing Xwhile holding r1 to jump (run along wall)

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    Thanks for the help .... solved it .... feel stupid ... it just wouldn't let you do it before solving the power boost area behind the altar (or my timing got better) ... or moving the altar again helped ... who knows :-)

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    Sorry I couldn't help but very glad you figured it out! You are better than I am. The power boost area tore me to pieces so I ran away.

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    the power boosts are critical in SoT to complete it reasonably .... so I just tried a few times ... timing is everything ... (plus you don't have to fight your way back through the traps ... and your health is restored)

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    I need help im stuck what i have to do in sacrificial altar 'cos i go down and kill those 3 guys then 4 women then i dont know what to do. Another question my prince character its weird cos is not human is like a monster and its dying without fighing but the things that let u go back they full up alone i mean without killing anyone is that normal????

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    Hey i am stuck at exactly the same place. after killing those monsters.

    I found a way back up by jumping off two walls at the end of the platform, but it leads me in a circle ending in a path back down to the same spot!!!

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