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    As a mad keen flight simulator gamer, I was originally excited about the prospect of this game. The revelations about its arcadey setup somewhat disappointed me at first but the in game footage looks promising.

    There is a major issue here though - wannabe pilots want to be able to experience some realism here, and that means taxiing to and taking off from the runway, and landing.

    Otherwise the game is just a decorated version of a something you'd find in the arcade of a motorway service station - the aircraft in constant motion whilst the gamer just randomly shoots at targets.

    I appreciate that in real life take off and landing is a complex process with flaps and landing gear etc but we can accept a touch of simplicity. eg...hold the X button or whatever to deploy the landing gear.

    Im hoping the members of this forum can add their comments on this and hopefully UBI will become aware that this addition could really increase the accessibility and potential of this game.

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    I'm sure you will be able to take off and land. It was in blazing angels. I don't see why they wouldn't include this in Hawx seeing how its the same developers, it will probably be very simple though. I wouldn't expect Falcon 4.0 style takeoff and landings.

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    Lol, I think you are right : " we should not except too much"... But a night carrier landing with wind & fog is so goos in Lock-On... Would be great to perform that kind of action in HAWX ^_^

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    We can still expect much, but not in terms of Lock-On/Falcon 4.0 super-simulator style gameplay. Don't forget this is an Arcade game and it will have other cool features.

    From what I've seen there is alot is being planned for this game.

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    Yea, i do hope that they include takeoff and landing functions, it would really make the game that much better! Even if it is simple, it would be great fun and an added bonus, so we can actually get the feeling we are piloting the aircraft.

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    I think they would be crazy not to

    Also, emergency lauches. There's got to be at least one.

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    i think there should be Take of and landing, and you should have a choice to taxi to, not like in ACE COMBAT, and VTOL would be cool to

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    it would also be cool to have a aircraft carrier in the game, and a night landing on a carrier would be awsome, but i think a carrier needs to be in the game, thats one reason Ace Combat 5 is better then ZERO

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