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    We’ve noticed a lot of discussion surrounding Uplay and Brotherhood recently. The main concern in discussion being that Brotherhood unlike other Uplay games does not have an equal balance of points available to earn and rewards to ‘buy’

    A source of a lot of frustration on this subject comes from the idea you’ll need to either buy another Ubisoft game to earn enough points OR go without one or more of the available rewards.

    GOOD NEWS!....This is not the case, as some of you may already be aware Ubisoft recently released a Facebook game called Assassins Creed Project Legacy. The game which is FREE to play also allows you to earn Uplay points, so if you don’t already have enough points in your Uplay bank, want to boost your points balance for future or just want to play the game check out Assassins Creed Legacy via Facebook.

    Hopefully that settles the concerns many of you had on the subject but as always if you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    How many points can we get from the app?

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    Awesome and thanks!!

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    How exactly will we get the points?
    By connecting our Ubisoft accounts with our Facebook accounts?

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    as points of the game to transfer into your account in Uplay?

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    It's awesome! But how do I link my Facebook account with Project Legacy to my Uplay?

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    i hate facebook it seems like every living organism has it

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    Wait, if we can earn points on Project so we can get things with the points for Project, right??

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    Wait, so how exactly do we connect our facebook accounts and Project Legacy to our gamertags/Ubisoft accounts?

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    maybe we just need to have same email we have on ubisoft acc O.o idk

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