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    We just purchased the Your Shape and one of the frustrating things to me, is that for "seniors", some of the exercises are too difficult to do; such as those that require you to get down on the floor. I have very bad knees and arthritis and cannot get down on the floor to do some of the exercises. There should be a way in the setup to request only senior-friendly exercises, instead of jumping and bouncing and getting down on the floor. We took a "seniors arobics class" at the Y and the exercises were all geared towards senior citizens. I would have thought that the "Your Shape" would have options to adjust for special needs.

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    Yah you right.Same thing happened to me and really "seniors", some of the exercises are too difficult to do.So what i have to do now?Please can you or anyone can give me solution?

    Joseph Rettig

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    Hello everybody.Again i am here after few days and want to know how are you?Is there anybody like to know about senior or elderly exercise?Please ask me.

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