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    i thin it is it makes no sense and i didnt like the truth files or the fact that you cant go back and replay the story. the game was cool till it got to memory 10.

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    sorry about that i meant it was awsome until you got to memory block 11 then when you start 11 it was down hill from there.

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    I thought it was pretty cool all the way. Sure the sci-fi thing about Gods being holographic creatures was just seriously wtf? everything alese was great. Especially the last boss battle where Ezio goes all bada** and says "no, killing u won't bring my family back" and just says rest in peace while walking off.

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    thats what i meant the sci-fi crap and what was up with the bleeding effect that was wierd?

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    Btw please reply and not just vote thank you

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    awesome ending, she [spoilers if you didnt finish game] tells desmond he only can save the world, through ezio, and they're both like WTF?

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    no... the ending was cool....... all u guys saying u dont like the sci-fi aspect... well idk isnt a guy in the year 2012 going back 500 years revisting there memories kind of sci-fi

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    This whole game is tied to that sci-fi element. There would be no Assassin's Creed if the sci-fi element wasn't there.

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    the entire point is that they are NOT gods just percived as such by the humans, the subject 16 vid was brilliant in my opinion and links the game to biblical myths. and shows how the war started, with adam and eve, freeing the humans from what i can see.

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    well from what i see adam and eve are like androids and gods were trying to keep us in lined and failed that made it dumb, having the "apples of eden" as the treasure everyone wants im fine with that but the gods and subject 16 was in my opion too much

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