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    I have completed the necro, haven and sanctuary campaigns with the default characters and all are "tears" heroes.

    I think I read someplace that for the final campaign, you need at least 1 of each type (tears/blood) in order to do both maps. I have the infernal map on hold since its bugged and I can't get the big weapon at the start and I also have the issue on the second Stronghold map with Sandor since he is also tears. I figure the bugs will get fixed, but in reviewing the characters, I like the inferno tears much better than blood and pretty much the same for Sandor. That leaves me with the option to replay one of the earlier campaigns and "redo" the path on a character. Both necro and sanctuary look to be good choices with blood as well as tears.

    I guess my questions are:

    1. Is it true we need at least 1 of each character from blood/tears?

    2. My best canidates for a blood replay? Right now, I am leaning towards Irina simply because it would become helpful on the final map, even tho I have beaten it (Tears characters are not allowed to take Wolf towns). She would lose serenity, which I used a lot early.

    3. Any idea of doing a "replay" on the earlier heroes will screw up the overall campaign?

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    1. I'm not sure if you need one of each to do either, but you need at least one of each to do both.

    2. Necropolis and inferno would be your best bet for blood playthroughs.

    3. Replaying any mission does not screw you over in the campaign, however if you choose to switch to might or magic, your entire campaign (for that guy) is reset.
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