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    I don't mind realistic respawning of positions, like when you leave a quadrant and come back. I understand the motive in FAR CRY 2 and I worked with it as a challenge, and I did understand that AI could call in reinforcements or a no response would trigger a repopulation of an outpost. But, yes, give it time.


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    Im sorry but they cant include 40 toggles just to please everyone. They are going to have to just decide what the majority wants and go with that.

    They cant have no respawn, the game would be empty in the first few hours

    They will probably just have slower respawn in some areas and no respawn in others.

    Because we dont have the tools to determine range or wind, accurately i really doubt that they will have any windage or drop for weapons.

    Maybe something that would really be interesting is a hardcore mode


    This usually makes a game have more replay

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    I want only half story in Far Cry 3 and next half in Far Cry 4 .

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    Yo, I thought it would be pretty cool if whenever you reload, it looks different everytime. For example,
    if you reload your AK, he would go to put in the clip, but sometimes would miss the slot, lol.
    I dunno, I thought it would be cool and would add some realism I geuss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Szocik87 View Post
    I want only half story in Far Cry 3 and next half in Far Cry 4 .
    why not just a whole farcry 3 story; leading on to farcry 4?

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    Dear Cuz,

    Will you guys please reduce the size of the white arrows that take up like 20% of the screen when guys fire at you? it really really bugs me.


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    We need to tidy this form up, so i'm Resurrecting this topic.
    The single player looks greats a due to the new game-play footage, the gun selection is looking good. Except the BZ-19 that gun looks stupid.

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    You couldn't expect less from the huge team in Montréal

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmfgLAAGGG View Post
    why not just a whole farcry 3 story; leading on to farcry 4?
    That was what I was thinking. I had no problem with FC2's 20+ hour story campaign. I love methodical single player FPS games when they are delivered right.

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    I hope it will be an interactive cut scenes, were in Far Cry Instincts.

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