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    Quote Originally Posted by nschindler View Post
    How much DLC do you guys have? I'm suspecting (in lieu of an official work-around) that the lock-up issue is related to DLC. I'm currently testing this hypothesis by resetting my game data (NOT save data; I'm at level 8, that's not happening) and not re-downloading my paid-for DLC, then playing 5+ track events to see if it still locks-up. If this has already failed for anyone else, please let me know.
    Did it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Widow9 View Post
    To those of you that have tried contacting Support please note that the first reply may be a simple FAQ. This is normal but if it does not solve your issue you need to reply and inform them as such. Please provide them with as much detail as possible and answer all replies from them within 48 hours to avoid your question being marked as solved.
    I did that, leaving lots of details, but I was sent the FAQ a second time; now the case is being completely ignored (last response was April 16; my replies were May 19 & 20). And literally every reply is from "Jason" - is he the only online customer service rep for Ubisoft, or are cases assigned to a rep?

    Black Widow, if you have any connections to Ubisoft, please get them to take notice - otherwise, this is a 78-page thread for nothing.

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    from twitter, i just figured it was easier to ask and see if i got an answer =P

    Nao Higo ‏@naohigo @Levistus_ we're testing the fixes and will be releasing an update at the same time as the bass pack release

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    Yeah so basically what we knew already but people are still going to post


    and Ubisoft will simply say...


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    I hate freezing. Can't even begin to explain time wasted. My game will now freeze without DLC. If hate were a country I would be china. Where did you learn to program a game, university of Phoenix?

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    Here I have some slowdowns in shows, mostly in chords.

    Edit: PS3

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    PS3 CRASH after single song Master Mode of I Can't Hear You at 363 Brennan. I can only hear the creaky, loft sounds. Had to reboot.

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    PS3 Crash loading SMOW single note rehearsal mode. Mike in the lower right corner just kept doing it's thing and I could hear sound, but nothing happened. After 5 minutes, I ejected the disk to try again.

    Edit: Just locked up again in the Riff Repeater for Mean B1tch. Had finished mastering the Intro and was going to select another section to work on. As I entered the Riff Repeater section selection screen, the system locked up.
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    On a regular evening I will qualify for an event, I then immediately try to enter the event and after about level 5 the came will get stuck on the load screen with the little tube flashing. I can use my PS button to reset the game and the enter the event again and it loads up, so that is not an issue. My issue is later around level 6 with the larger sets after I reset the game to enter my event I just qualified for and then play all the way through it about 40 min it freezes and can only be fixed by turning the PS3 off. This doesn't make the game unplayable but it does take a fair amount of fun factor out of the game. I'm looking forward to Bandfuse.

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    Sad but true

    Here is what I resorted to since the freezing has killed the fun. Create two profiles on my ps3. One is called RS the other RS DLC. I always use them respectively. Meaning I never play event and just practice songs through the list. At this time I am level six and have qualified 8 song events. Have not played an event since I am in essence trying to practice without locking up the game. I hope something materializes that will allow me to continue the journey mode.

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