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    Please post all bugs, repeatable crashes and any major game play issues in this thread. Do not make new threads since this can result in your problem getting lost and the Topic getting closed.

    This is not a means of Direct support but a means to collaborate all issues. You should also report any bugs or glitches directly to Ubisoft Support. The direct link is in my Signature.

    Thank you for taking the time to report any issues.

    If you have any gameplay feedback please post in this Thread-
    Rocksmith Official Gameplay Feedback Thread

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    In the riff repeater, after practicing a riff and then coming out to the list of riffs for that particular song, if I select "play again", or any other option for that matter, before the game has done its routine save procedure, then I will get stuck in a never ending loop of the game trying to save. Most of the time it saves immediately after I finish anything but sometimes there's enough of a delay that I can select something else before saving has occurred, and then I get the saving freeze.

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    Weird, I had the same thing happen to me today. Was in riff repeater for a song, and had my 5 lives go away, and I tried to go quickly back into it again, but accidentally selected "Play Again", and I got into some infinite save loop where the game would keep prompting me that it was saving my game... I had to sign-out, and sign back in.

    I'm on Xbox.

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    I've got the PS3 version and on a few occasions during loading screen the game would freeze and I'd have to quit the game to continue playing. Also, after performing an event, the game tallied my RSP and randomly reset the PS3 during the screen with the 'R' icon in the bottom right of the screen.

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    I've been noticing that when I boot up my Xbox 360, I'm signed into Xbox Live, but when I launch the game and press start, Rocksmith acts like nobody is signed in. I have to manually sign out and back in in order to continue playing the game where I left off. This generally happens to me every time I boot my console to play the game.

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    PS3 slim 120 gig

    I had the tom petty encore bug, fixed by putting it in set.

    reset to xmb (no reboot) after successfully completing the large stadium show (level 9 elite..) right before game totaled my RSP. this has happened before at other venues.

    game will get stuck while loading often, cannot get back to the xmb, guitar will still make sound. must reset the PS3

    the long loading times make me cry but i love this "game".

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    When can we expect a patch for all these issues? Particularly the riff repeater issues with 5 lives limit? Thanks. Great teaching tool nonetheless.

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    During replays, audio does not sync up properly. This happens about half the time. I'm on Xbox 360.

    Not a bug, but I wish it was optional to turn off the reverb when you play in larger venues. It's a cool idea, but it seems too exaggerated.

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    Heres my list that I can't believe nobodies posting: 1) No matter what you do in the game, after you've finished it seems to take you back to the recommended events page. If I want to practice different songs, I don't want to have to go through the whole process again when I want to play a different one. 2) I'm sure you guys are just struggling with ways to not copy other music games, but there needs to be a way to determine if the lag for video is set correctly. I shouldn't have to guess at a setting, go through the whole process of loading a song, make sure I'm in tune, wait for the song to kick in, and then only to find out my lag isn't set right. 3) This one's really annoying me for some reason; if I want to play the techniques challenges, I have to watch or skip through the tutorial again. If I already watch it once, it shouldn't show again unless I choose to in the pause screen or something like that. 4) When I'm practicing a song, or section, I should be able to determine what speed I want to practice it at. When I'm practicing anything else to a metronome, I don't just go in and out on the beats per minute. I slow down the metronome, play til I nail it, then bump up the bpm. This games practice mode should function close to the same way. Give the player an option for slowing down the section, not suggest one for us. 5) This one is more a question, what is the reason for unlocking guitars??? You never see them in the game other than when you unlock them right? I'll think of more later....but these should be adressed

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    When you play with the playstation eye you get a lot of audio feedback. This isn't a bug but something people should know.

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