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    Experiencing Technical Difficulties?
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    Please Note: Support and Forum hours of service are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-9:00pm ET. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiries.

    Q: How come my game isn't loading and why do I experience server errors?
    A: Loading problems can be easily fixed by simply refreshing your browser. Refreshing your browser a few times should get you into the game, as the server capacity fluctuates within a fraction of a second. We're continuing to improve our servers to address loading and stability issues.

    Q: My energy diminishes too fast
    A: We have designed the game in a way to allow for increased single session play time. Here are a couple tips which will help your gameplay: Upgrade your tools to decrease the amount of energy necessary to search trace tiles, follow clue tiles discovered within a scene to find evidence faster, and take advantage of the Focus Challenge energy mini game. In addition, with each level gained, your maximum amount of energy will increase and your entire energy bar will be replenished. Lastly, you can visit your friends' labs and collect up to 4 free coffees per day. Please also note that some energy items in the Store are currently on sale. We have carefully crafted how one experiences the cases and continually re-evaluate this experience based on player feedback.

    Q: When are new cases coming out?
    A: New cases are coming soon! While we continue to build out new cases, we'd suggest going back to completely search 100% of each crime scene looking for collectables and memorabilia. You'll be able to earn XP milestones to level up faster and you'll be able to earn more funding and coffees from the Focus Challenge minigame.

    Q: How can I reduce evidence processing times?
    A: You can reduce the time it takes to process evidence by both upgrading your lab equipment and coordinating with your friends to get the processing bonus. The more people using the same machine at once, the bigger the processing bonus and the less amount of time it will take to process your piece of evidence.

    Q: Where do I find my Club Elite Promo Code?
    A: Inside your copy of CSI: Fatal Conspiracy for XBox 360 and PS3 (U.S. Version only) you will find the promo code to join Club Elite printed on the back cover of the game manual inside the box. For the PC Digital Download version, there is no code, but you can gain access via a link to Club Elite, once you finish your game session in Fatal Conspiracy.

    Q: I Can't Search 100% of a Certain Scene
    A: Double check to make sure there aren't any tiles eluding you (perhaps hidden under a table, chair, bench or other object within the crime scene). Also, check out this forum thread with pictures of 100% searched crime scenes. This will help give you visual reference and proof that your scene is in fact 100% searchable. If you're not at 100%, then there are tiles that you still have not searched.

    Q: How do I bookmark CSI: Crime City?
    A: All Facebook games now automatically bookmark based on recent play activity. Find all bookmarks on the left-hand column of your main Facebook homepage ( If you initially don't see CSI: Crime City listed, click the "more" link to view more games, it will be there somewhere.

    Q: How do I replay a case?
    A: To replay a case, click the Case button, select a case that you've already completed and then click the blue "Play Case Again" button in the lower right hand corner of the case. By replaying a case, you gain the ability to earn more XP (including milestone XP), find collectables and stock up on coffee. You cannot go back to search a completed case that was partially searched (ex. 67% searched), but now you can go back and replay an entire case from scratch, which has the added advantages previously mentioned. Please note that restarting a case will not affect your overall progress in the game.

    Q: How do I search a location?
    A: Locations are made up of tiles. Click on any unsearched tile you wish to search. If your agent has enough energy they will walk over and automatically search that tile.

    Q: How does Energy work?
    A: Searching tiles uses energy. Regular tiles require 6 energy points to search, while trace tiles can require up to 18 energy. Your agent will regain 1 energy point automatically every 1:30 minutes. To refill your energy faster, you can go to the Store and purchase energy items. You max energy level will increase and refill completely every time you level up.

    Q: How does the Bonus bar work?
    A: The Bonus bar acts as a multiplier on the XP you gain from searching. The Bonus bar fills up whenever you search a Trace tile, find evidence, find a clue tile, or find a collectable. It goes down whenever you search a tile and get the “Area Cleared” result. The Bonus bar also goes down slowly over time.

    Q: What is Evidence?
    A: Each scene contains at least one piece of evidence that will help you solve the case. You must find ALL pieces of evidence within a scene to progress to the next scene/case.

    Q: How do I process evidence?
    A: As you search locations, you'll find pieces of evidence. In order for a piece of evidence to be of help to the case, you must process it in a lab.

    Every piece of evidence has a specific type of lab equipment that it must be processed in. There are six types of equipment; Ballistic, Chemical Analyzer, DNA Sequencer, Light Table, Microscope, and Workbench. You can slot pieces of evidence into any piece of equipment of the correct type to process it. Every piece of evidence has a time that it will take to be processed, but more advanced equipment will reduce that time. Once a piece of evidence has finished processing, return to the equipment to pick it up.

    You can process evidence in equipment you've purchased for your own lab, or you can use equipment in your friend’s labs. In addition, you can work together with friends to receive a processing boost, which will decrease evidence processing time. To achieve the speed processing boost, process evidence simultaneously with a friend on the same piece of equipment.

    Q: How do I unlock new locations?
    A: Each location contains at least one piece of evidence that you need to find, process and pick up from your lab. Once you process and pick up the piece(s) of evidence the next location will become unlocked.

    Q: How do I solve cases?
    A: Within an individual case set there are multiple cases and within an individual case, there are multiple scenes. Five separate cases comprise a case set (i.e. Case 01-01, 01-02, 01-03, 01-04 and 01-05 comprise Case Set 1). Once you find, process and pickup all of the evidence in each scene of each case, you will be given the option to close the case and move on to a new one by clicking the "Complete Case" button in the Case menu.

    Q: How do I search the special “Trace” tiles?
    A: Some tiles within a location are “trace” tiles, meaning they contain suspicious substances like blood, fibers, prints, or details. Special tools are required to search trace tiles. If you have the required tool you can search trace tiles just like normal tiles; click on them and your agent will walk over and search them if they have the required energy. Trace tiles require more energy to search than normal tiles, but you can upgrade your search tools to reduce the cost. In addition, searching trace tiles will add to your Bonus Bar, which will increase the amount of XP you gain from searching subsequent tiles.

    Q: How do I visit my friend’s labs?
    A: You can visit your friend’s labs by clicking on their entries in the Friends Bar along the bottom of your game screen.

    Q: How do I keep track of all my evidence?
    A: Click on the Evidence icon (the magnifying glass) on the HQ screen. There you can see the state of all the evidence you have that needs to be processed, is currently being processed, or has completed processing. Click on a piece of evidence within this panel to jump to where it is.

    Q: How does the Energy Boost minigame work?
    A: Occasionally as you search, you will get an Energy Boost minigame. Once the minigame has started, a group of symbols will appear. Of all the symbols, there will be one pair of matching symbols. Click on any symbol to light it up, and light up both halves of the matching symbol pair to win a round of the minigame. Find as many matches as you can before the timer runs out. At the end of the minigame you will earn a coffee as a reward. The size of the coffee is determined by the number of matches you were able to make.

    Note: Please wait a few seconds after you've completed the minigame for the screen to render, which will show the size of the coffee you've won. After approximately three seconds, click the OK button to advance. Find the coffee you've won in the Items menu.

    Q: How do I buy tools?
    A: You can buy tools in the store. If you attempt to search a Trace tile that requires a tool you don’t have, a popup will appear allowing you to purchase the tool on the spot.

    Q: How do I buy equipment?
    A: You can purchase new equipment in the EQUIPMENT tab of the store. If you purchase a improved version of a piece of equipment you already have, the better version will replace the older version.

    Q: How do I decorate my lab?
    A: You can decorate your lab in the CUSTOMIZE tab of the store. There are different categories of decorations and you can have one decoration within each category selected at any time. You can purchase multiple decorations within a single category and then toggle back and forth between those decorations at any time.

    Q: How do I get more Funding?
    A: You can find Funding as the result of searching tiles, and you will earn more as you level up and turn in cases.

    Q: What are UbiCredits?
    A: UbiCredits are a premium currency you can use in CSI: Crime City to purchase premium game content and coffee. Your UbiCredit balance is shared across supported Ubisoft games on Facebook and the open web, meaning the UbiCredits you purchase in CSI: Crime City can be spent in other Ubisoft games, and vice versa.

    Q: How do I get more UbiCredits?
    A: You can purchase UbiCredits by clicking on any of the GET MORE CREDITS buttons.

    Q: What's with the coffee machine in my lab?
    A: Every CSI now has a basic coffee machine in their lab, which provides FREE small coffees for friends to claim and use. The coffee machine produces small cups of coffee periodically throughout the day. You can claim up to four total coffees every 24 hours. Please note that your coffee machine is for your friends to use, and your friends’ coffee machines are for you to use. Having more friends within the game will increase the chance that you visit a friend’s lab and find a coffee waiting for you. Please note that it is NOT a necessity to have friends within the game to progress and complete cases. However, there are certain advantages to having friends and the ability to use a friend’s coffee machine is just one example where friends come in handy. The timer resets at 12:00am midnight ET time. Remember, the coffee machine in your lab is for your friends to use. Share the love!

    Q: How Do I Move Up in Rank?
    A: Ranks are based on your level and are compared against your friends that play the game. The higher your level, the better (lower) your rank. So Rank 1 means you're 1st out of all your friends playing.

    Q: Why am I finding insects now when I search crime scenes?
    A: When searching a crime scene, you will now be able to find different types of insects. There are a total of 35 insects to collect. Once you successfully collect all 35, you can redeem them for 10,000 funding AND an exclusive Insect Display Case which you can place in your lab as a wall decoration. Insects are randomly placed throughout the game, so it’s possible to find more than one in a single crime scene, or none at all in an entire’s up to you to do the searching! To view your collection, go to the HQ screen and click the “View Your Collections” button.

    Q: Why am I finding memorabilia now when I search crime scenes?
    A: Similar to insects, you will now be able to find pieces of memorabilia (matchbooks, poker chips, ammunition, keys, and playing cards) throughout crime scenes. There are a total of 25 pieces of memorabilia to collect, which are broken up into 5 sets of 5 memorabilia each. Once you successfully collect a set of 5 memorabilia, you can redeem it for 1,000 funding AND a FREE exclusive decoration for your lab! Just like the collectable insects, memorabilia is randomly placed throughout the game. The decorations you'll receive for collecting a set of 5 memorabilia are listed below:

    Key Set = (floor) alternate floor color
    Poker Chip Set = (tabletop) Slot Machine
    Bullet Set = (wall) Gun Rack w/ guns
    Card Set = (desk) Felt Poker Table
    Match Book Set = (wall) Neon Sign

    Q: Why is my game screen cut off?
    A: This occurs when the game is loaded in a browser that has been zoomed out via the browser options. The workaround to this problem is to set the browser zoom to 100%, load the game page, then zoom back out once the entire game has loaded, if desired. The common solution is to just play in 100% zoom.
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    How do I keep this message ( A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly) from coming up and stopping the game from working? If I click no to allow the script to keep working it freezes the game.

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    I came across that script error as well but I click yes to stop the script and was able to carry on with the game.

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    I actually tried that and it stopped the game too lol. But I'm going to try a different browser. I've never come across that problem on the mac until now.

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    It worked for Firefox. So, I guess it's all good for now. It's a pretty sweet game. I like solving crime games.

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    Originally posted by mghr167:
    How do I keep this message ( A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly) from coming up and stopping the game from working? If I click no to allow the script to keep working it freezes the game.
    We are aware of this bug and are actively working towards a fix. Thank you for your feedback, and we're glad you enjoy the game and are able to play in Firefox!


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    Originally posted by vhoxo:
    I came across that script error as well but I click yes to stop the script and was able to carry on with the game.
    We are aware of this bug and are actively working towards a fix. Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate your patience!


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    On the "Road to Nowhere" case in the location "George's Home Office" I have yet to find a way to talk with the character in the room. Has anyone else had this problem.

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    Originally posted by jaskardas:
    On the "Road to Nowhere" case in the location "George's Home Office" I have yet to find a way to talk with the character in the room. Has anyone else had this problem.
    We are aware of this issue and have documented it in our Updates & Announcements section as a known issue:

    Interaction with NPC’s: Some NPC's (non-player characters) can't be interacted with due to their placement within certain stages.


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    I have that problem too where I can not talk with Langston in George's Home Office too.

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