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Thread: simpsons | Forums

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    Banned bluefairy2004's Avatar
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    Dec 2004

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    Dec 2004

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    Well, of course! I especially liked the episode they showed last sunday, the one about the fat bart!

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    Senior Member Yolkboy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    watched 350 & 351 few days ago. Don't watch it often though.

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    Most Helpful Prince of Persia Community Member kakalukiaJay's Avatar
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    Apr 2004

    Fat Bart was great but quality has been horrible the past five plus years I still watch; but not as enthusiastically as I used to watch.

    Best years were when Conan O'Brian was on the writing staff.

    I have enjoyed many of the musical numbers ... particularly the one at the brothel where Marge bulldozes it down.

    I prefer "classic Simpsons" reruns to new episodes; but I look forward to Treehouse of Horror every October/November.

    Spoofs on X-Files, In Search of, Rear Window, It's a Mad...World, have been memorable.

    When they zoomed out from Homer on the sofa skyward to the house, the street, the city, ..., the planet, the galaxy etc. although they "hid" Springfield underneath a cloud bank, it certainly looked like it centered on Springfield, Illinois.

    R.I.P. "Grimey" Grimes

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    I love that show!

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    They used to be funny, now they're just running out of material. I think it's got a good number of seasons ahead of it, but it's just gonna be stretched out like "Happy Days". They need to quit while they're ahead.

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    i liked the original prob most
    well its following is huge so i doubt it will go soon. once people get sick of it it will stop bein made though.

    I also heard in a article somewhere that in 2008
    the contract for simpsons to be made is expiring meaning it will have to be signed
    and i heard that mayb then it may end

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    Senior Member malaysheba's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    did anyone played da simpsons hit and run??it was a laugh-out.

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    Very funny game indeed. And so entertaining. I played it but did not finish it. By the way, hello, Heavenly Jannah.

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