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    Ok yes I realize this is waaaaay off topic. But if you could create your jutsu, what would it be called and what would it do?

    I luv the Naruto world and wish they had a game that could let you do any and everything in it, but I know it's not possible so I like to just imagine.

    If you think the post is stupid then don't read it.

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    that would be awsome but then it would be to rpg'y know what i mean like oblivion or sometin

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    Mine would be a jutsu that could create a barrier around the enemy and trap them inside and the barriers walls would have a powerful poison it would be called "Entrapment Jutsu"

    Another one would be a jutsu that creates thousands of swords which all hover above the opponent and could be controlled with the users eyes and could go in any direction even underground it would be called "Thousand Slash"

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    mine would be a fire type:

    It would be a giant flame of golden fire surronds u and then you fire a hude blast at the enemy shaped like a pheonix

    It would be called fire style....Sacred fire

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    My jutsu would be the "I got every Jutsu lollolololololololololololololol" Jutsu. Jk
    Really though, Id just disappear with my Kunia i my hand (cause Id be moving so fast) and slash the enemy about a hundred times in a fraction of a sec. it would be called Reaction Distortion Jutsu.

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    those are just pimpin... haha Idk i think I'd have one that covered my body with chakra until i began to glow a special light, but it didn't cast any shadow. Then I could use shadows like portals and jump into one and come out of another that i choose. It'd be called Void Walker Jutsu

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    bro thats tight and creative
    i cant even think of anything though

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    probly make two jutsu like one the armagedden jutsu i punch kick run jump everthing like 30times faster and harder my hole body would turn like bule then go away and then im super strong and super fast and if i were like to do a fireball justsu and it go like this fast ...............boom! it would go ......boom! and really strong and clones are just as good as me. sec jutsu probly be wakuposin jutsu bascilly this unlike fireballs its like water shooting at you really fast when it hits you it drain ur charka and gives it to me and probly hits a 55 out of 100 so very effective but alot charka to use

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    mine would be called the chakra bomb jutsu.
    this jutsu would allow the user to propell and manipulate their chackra into blast or waves of energy.(something like in dbz lol)

    and another would be the 99 bombard jutsu.
    what this basically is, is a jutsu that
    lets off 99 different jutsu's at one time at random.basically a super metronome for all u pokemon freaks out there lol.

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    Wind Barrier Jutsu-Compresses the wind into square barrier infront of me

    Wind Arrow Jutsu-Draws some of the air from my wind barrier to a point and fires it through the barrier,if needed it can use all the air to form a devastating attack (trades out powerful defense for all out offense)

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